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We Found The Best Things On Sale Right Now For All Kinds Of Splurges

Happy days are here again! The skies above are clear again! From under $50 to $1000, we're here if you need to splurge.

Not that we want to sound like shopaholics, but the best time to empty your wallets is literally now. For our friends living anywhere outside the boundaries of our city, Singapore actually has an entire month dedicated to sales called – rather expectedly – the Great Singapore Sale. Of course, the sale season does overunneth. It does not just stay within geographical boundaries. In other words, everything, everywhere is on discount right now and our ka-chings are ripe for the taking.

We like to think of it like stocking up for the rest of the year, be it coat season, party season, bikini season, all the seasons. It is one way to feel less guilty, so indulge us for a little. Until more avenues hang the big “SALE” sign out front, we’re taking our plunge into what we currently can get, and what we can get is so, so good.

To save you time and energy that you would need to slough through the mountain of discounts, we’ve done most of the job for you by pulling out things that put the “yes” in “in-yes-ments”, split into five different budgets. We’ve mixed in staples, basics as well as things that will fly in the corporate setting. For those who aren’t looking for a heart ache when swiping that card, there are even pieces that go as low as $20.





UNDER $100



UNDER $250



UNDER $500



UNDER $1000



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