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We Found The One Retail Shop That May Be Comfier Than Home

Beautifully decorated with a vending machine and quite literally everything on your shopping wish list in one place, pencil this in for your next London stopover.

The whirlwind of anxiety that flies through your mind when shopping online never fails to trigger a massive migraine. Will it fit me? Is it too long for my too-short legs? Does it scratch in all the wrong places? Other than going through the hassle of buying and returning, the only other option to do this is to head down to a brick and mortar shop – but that completely defeats the purpose and convenience of shopping online.

What if we told you that there is a better way, one that combines the best of both worlds? Forget crowded, confusing departmental stores or two-dimensional pictures.

We’ve had the wonderful personal shopper shopping experience in one of the suites down at MATCHESFASHION.com‘s newest brainchild, located at 5 Carlos Place in Mayfair, London, where everything in your account’s “wish list” will appear magically before your eyes, all ready for you to try on. It isn’t magic, but it’s close to that.

Before anything else, we have to mention that everything online ships to 5 Carlos, or to your address in London within an impressive 90-minutes. Sometimes even faster, if traffic’s good. That’s better than both online and offline shopping. See, best of both worlds.

Even if you had to wait a little, the five-storey house is also the most airy, fun and all-around beautiful place that leaves you wandering around its curious corners. There is also a café up on the attic and a showcase area on the first floor for special brand highlights that change two to four times in one month. You’ll never get bored in this adult equivalent of a playroom. Heck, there’s even a vending machine to purchase cute trinkets or T-shirts from the featured brand of the week.

So, if you’re ever in London and your flight isn’t taking off for another 12 hours, this is the place you want to be in if you’re looking to squeeze in a bit of shopping – except that this might end up to be a lot of shopping. It’s super welcoming and comfy, but it’s a dangerous place for your wallet.

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