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Let’s Talk About It: Balenciaga Makes Pint-Sized Hoodies Now

So that your tiny tots can get a share of that Balenciaga cool. But, is $300 for a hoodie the size of cushion cover a little too much?

It was at the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. A young, blonde dad with cheekbones you can see from a mile away walks down Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 Menswear runway with exactly three kids in tow, one in his arms, two by his side, each dressed in miniature versions of the brand’s wildly popular minimal hoodies, sweats and stretch trainers emblazoned with “Balenciaga”.

A light bulb goes off in many a head present at the show. Well, at least that is what we imagine. They wonder to themselves, and, later, to each other: is Balenciaga going into the kidswear business? Fast forward six months and the answer is plain and simple. Yes, Balenciaga’s ever-expanding claim on the fashion industry had finally expanded officially to include the mini-mes. The campaign is just gosh-darn precious.

From a business perspective, Mini Balenciaga seems obvious. The brand is undoubtedly of-the-moment, it has been so for almost two years now with the entry of Demna Gvasalia, and if the adults who happen to be parents love it, chances are their kids will have a share in it, too. A report by South China Post ascertains that when it comes to luxury shopping, parents see children as an extension of themselves. Simply put, if mama or papa approves, they’ll want it for junior. For the ‘gram, even.

But, these are $300 hoodies and sneakers at the end of the day. Granted, if you compare them to the adult alternatives that cost over $1000 a pop, the mini versions are actually kind of a weird steal. As they’re probably literally cut from the same cloth, parent-child idiom reference unintended, they’re probably just as comfortable, a key must for parents.

Designer kidswear will cost you, that is known. The branding, the materials, the craftsmanship. It is like buying a bigger bag vis-a-vis a smaller one in the same design – the price difference is marginal, because the materials and the craftsmanship remain the same. But – so many “buts” today – hoodies, t-shirts and sweats are a different story. They’re not like pint-sized tuxedo suits or gowns. Furthermore, kids sweat a bunch and also drip a bunch, so you have to be prepared to have sauce all over that Balenciaga logo.

If you’re down for splurge, sure. Plus, the beauty of Balenciaga is that oversized is sort of their thing, which means you can buy extra-large and your kid can wear it for a couple of years. Otherwise, perhaps investment pieces may work better, like a micro bag that you and your youngin’ can carry. Louis Vuitton’s got backpacks. Fendi’s got a whole new line of micro buckets.

What do you think of this whole she-bang? If you say “Oh hell, yes”, some of the pieces are available here, though you’ll have to get the shoes directly from Balenciaga. Side thought: what if Balenciaga made pint-sized versions of their power-shoulder blazers? WOULD THAT NOT BE THE CUTEST THING?

Unisex Cotton Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

Kid Speed Trainers

Unisex Cotton Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

Unisex Cotton Blend Trackpants

Unisex Cotton Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

Unisex Cotton Blend Trackpants

Unisex Cotton Jersey T-shirt

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