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Bag Spill: What’s in My LV Coussin?

It’s the stuff that I don’t ever leave the house without.

They say you can tell alot about a woman by looking at the contents of her handbag. And if you were to deep dive into mine, I reckon you’d be able to tell I’m one who’s always on the go. From meetings to shoots and then to pick up Sir Luca from school. A lot can happen even in a regular day in my life. But that doesn’t quite mean that I carry everything and the kitchen sink around with me.

It’s quite the contrary, actually. The stuff you’d find in my bag, it’s a very curated, streamlined edit. It’s all things I reach throughout the day. If I’m not an essential, I’m not bringing it out with me. I’d rather leave the extra weight at home.

Let’s start from the very basic: my wallet. I love the size of the Hermès Kelly Pocket wallet – just big enough to hold my cards. In the makeup department, I always have a lip balm and oil on hand. You’d always catch me lathering it on throughout the day. My dry lips could use all the extra TLC they could get. When I have a long day out, I usually bring my trusty compact powder with me to touch up throughout the day – an absolute necessity against the relentless humidity here in the +65. Because it gets really warm out, I also have a hair claw on hand to put my mane up in surrender to the heat.

Lastly, the glasses. The Gentle Monster pair that I currently have in rotation are purely cosmetic but I am in fact short-sighted and actually wear prescription glasses. That’s pretty much it – all I carry around with me.

Oh, the one thing that’s missing from my bag at the moment – my hand sanitiser. How did that even slip my mind!

Louis Vuitton Coussin MM Bag

Hermès Kelly Pocket Compact Wallet

Cle De Peau Refining Pressed Powder LX

Gucci Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm

Hourglass N° 28 Lip Treatment Oil

Gentle Monster Linda YC2

Chanel Hair Claw Clip


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