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Where to Buy the Vintage Repurposed Necklaces You’re Seeing Everywhere on Instagram

Trust us, these one-of-a-kind pieces are worthy investments in the jewellery department. Timeless classics technically never go out of fashion, do they?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that the buzzword of late has been sustainability. Environmental consciousness is #trending. On the fashion front, repurposing something already existent is as sustainable as sustainability can get a.k.a. vintage which has always had its appeal amongst the fashion set. To ardent chasers of individuality, there’s nothing quite as alluring as the idea of owning one-of-a-kind pieces – in the same way customisable anything has a huge appeal amongst this generation of shoppers.

Vintage jewellery, in particular, has taken to the spotlight courtesy of Instagram, of course. It’s easy to understand the desirability of these charms repurposed from the likes of luxury behemoths Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Needless to say, these pieces, most of which bear an obvious display of the brand, are perfect for nailing that insta-worthy #selfie and #flatlay. Besides looking pretty on your vanity, the dainty necklaces are ideal for effortless layering for the everyday. The bold, statement pieces in the mix, you could save for when the occasion calls for it.

If you aren’t already the least bit tempted, the price tag might just do the job. With prices starting in the hundred-ish range, it’s a paltry sum to part with for a piece of (if not one of its kind, a few of its kind) luxury. Granted that it is vintage, it’d also technically never go out of fashion. A worth investment, if you ask us. Here’s where to look for your own vintage acquisitions.



At Sororité Vintage, fastest fingers win. If you’re looking to score a piece off of this vintage store, your best bet is camping online for their release. Pro-tip: Create an account beforehand and stay logged in. You cannot afford to lose any time, that’s how fast their items can sell out. And because, they are vintage pieces, quantities are inherently limited. Beyond jewellery, the store also stocks a range of garments. You’d find the most delicately embroidered corsets, hyper feminine corsets and girdles. If you were to visit the site right about now, chances are pretty much everything is already sold out. I’m not being the least bit dramatic when I say you need to camp out for a release.



If you’re looking for range, Old Soul Vintage is the shop for you. With a wide spanning collection of vintage goodies from rings to bracelets and necklaces, you’d be spoilt for choice here. Frequently restocked, there’s plenty up for grabs. An added plus, they even stock pieces for men. Couple vintage jewellery? We wouldn’t entirely rule out the idea.



If you’re a Chanel girl, look no further. You have just landed on a vintage heaven. Amsterdam-based vintage store Findage boasts a wide range of vintage pieces from Chanel – jewellery and other accessories included. Granted that vintage Chanel items are some of the most sort after, you could consider Findage a goldmine. You can thank us later!

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