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White Denim Isn’t The Most Practical, But It Is A Change To Embrace

It doesn't have to be just jeans either. Make the switch from the good ol' blue and we promise a whole new world with new horizons to pursue.

When you think denim or jeans even, the mind automatically goes to that faded blue we all have in our wardrobes. Sometimes dark blue, sometimes black, but very rarely white. The reason is understandable. It is just a darn lot of white. It is a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

To drive the point across, let me bring in a good friend of mine. A couple of years ago, she bought her first pair of high-end jeans. They were Acne Studios. The first time she wore them out, someone spilled a bit of wine on them. The second time she wore them out, she got tyre marks on them. The third time she had a go at them, already highly exasperated at this point, she got some tea on them. I am not making this up, I swear. (If you’re wondering: yes, she did manage to fade the stains. They’re still there, but these are Acne jeans, you just don’t leave them unworn.)

White, however, can be extremely refreshing. Compared to the classic blue, white denim has the ability to look a little more polished, a little more dressed up. If you pair white jeans with a simple t-shirt for instance, you don’t get that same effect with blue jeans. (The same applies to solid black jeans, but that’s another discussion for another time.)

But really, it doesn’t just have to be about regular jeans. Everything you have in blue denim, think about them in white. It’s a whole new perspective. A white denim jacket. A pair of extra-wide flare leg jeans. A white denim trench coat. If it’s too much white, break it up with metalware like a button fly, a belt or even your own skin via slits. Pop on some puff sleeves and you, my friend, are one hundo-p ready for spring.

Rejina Pyo denim trench coat

Rejina Pyo cropped high-rise wide-leg pants

Rejina Pyo high-rise wide-leg jeans

Ganni cropped denim jacket

Miu Miu frayed high-rise flared jeans

Acne Studios mid-rise straight-leg jeans

Saint Laurent boyfriend jeans

Balenciaga high-rise straight-leg jeans

GRLFRND frayed denim mini skirt

Exhibit high-rise straight-leg jeans

Unravel Project frayed denim maxi skirt

Madewell denim overalls

Off-White high-rise frayed-hem denim shorts

Mango knot denim skirt

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