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The White Shoe Is The New Wardrobe Classic That Doesn’t Make Sense

Like the white sneaker, but more polished. You'll probably get dirt on it the moment you're out the door, but NO REGRETS.

White shoes get such a bad rep. Not white sneakers – those are universally loved. We’re talking about things like white boots and white mules. Make one wrong move while walking out in the dangerous open and your perfect, shining white leather shoes are ruined for good.

Then, there’s that thing about white shoes being the de facto for stereotypical douchebag men. (My mother tells me repeatedly that if a guy I bring home wears white shoes on the daily, it is a straight-up no. It is hardly scientific, but mother’s rules are mother’s rules.)

Lucky for us ladies, such a rule does not apply. In fact, ending an entire outfit with a pair of white boots or mules brings a surprising contrast to a look. Take for instance the white patent Balenciaga boots that Yoyo wore last season with a cream sweater and jeans, amongst many other combinations, or the cut-out Celine mules that she wore with a cream tweed jacket and vintage jeans recently at Couture Week.

Simply put, white shoes make a statement in the most minimal of ways. It’s white! Just when you think the outfit is over as you go from top to bottom, the white shoe’s like “BAM, bet you didn’t see me coming!” It is basically like the white sneaker, but more polished.

Needless to say, I caved in a bought a white mule of my own and suddenly, I feel that I have my new go-to shoe. Which is strange because being white, the chances of it getting soiled on its first wear is 100 percent. Still, beautiful shoes should not be hidden, come mud, road grease and rain water. The next time you want to take the black (Game of Thrones reference totally intentional), try going white with the shoes below instead.

Acne Studios Demy Elaphe and Leather Mules

Dorateymur Leather Mules

Gabriela Hearst Antoinette Leather Mules

Gianvitto Rossi Leather Ankle Boots

J.W. Anderson Suede-Trimmed Leather Ballet Flats

MM6 Maison Margiela Leather Ankle Boots

Mansur Gavriel Leather Mules

Neous Bamboo Leather Ankle Boots

Tibi Dana Leather Mules

Vetements Stretch-Jersey Ankle Boots

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