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Why Vests Are The Next Thing To Add To Your Shopping List

A quick confidence boosting trick that’ll leave you feeling amazing for the rest of the day is a simple outfit topper you never knew you needed.

Seasons change and so do the seasonal trends that come and go. Layering options are reimagined and redefined and with that, emerges our new favourite outfit topper: the vest. Whether you love how it looks or hate that it reminds you of tacky cowboys, vests are officially having a moment and we are here for it. But, we have to be clear, the tailored vest we are lusting over is completely different from the tactical utility trend that seems to be taking over the men’s department. We love both of them, really. But we prefer the confidence boost we get from a perfectly tailored vest. You would think that adding more effort and layers into an outfit wouldn’t make it look effortless, but with vests, it does the trick.

Another reason why vests are great? Because when it comes to balancing a hectic social schedule and jam-packed work week, sometimes all you really need to get out of a fashion rut is the perfect throw-on. Hence, the vest. If you’re still afraid to give this trend a go, keep reading to see how you can integrate this sleek yet infinitely cool sleeveless topper to your outfit for an instant boost of confidence and style points.

We’re taking cues from fashion’s best and start this guide off with a must-do: a matching vest and tailored pants suit. Like an updated and less bulky power suit, the confidence that comes with wearing a vest as a shirt and paired with a matching set of pants is insane. For a more conventional and everyday look, throw in a western vibe to your outfit and layer a vest over a nifty button down. It doesn’t matter if the shirt is printed – you can let the vest do all the talking. Keep your look to a monochromatic and simple colour palette to avoid looking like a sour mishmash of contrasting colours and style. Remember: balance is key.

If you’re a dress over pants type of girl, you’ll be happy to know that a multi-coloured jacquard vest can help freshen up dark fall dresses, and to add textures and contrast to your overall outfit. When knitted and woven with different colours, a colourful knitted vest is the perfect way to add glamour to a plain dress.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks up our sleeves, it’s time for you to take your own spin on vests. Check out our picks below and click away to cop a new stunner outfit.




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