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Willow Smith In Chanel Is Our #StyleInspo For The Week

Because there ain't no shame in taking style cues from a 15–year–old. This slideshow of polaroids has all the inspiration you need for the next five days.

Some time last week, a friend – let’s call her Jessica Jones for fun – casually asked me to list down who my style icons were. I jokingly – and not-so-jokingly – replied, “Winona Ryder in the 1980s and Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family.” Jessica Jones then said, “That girl with the braids? Isn’t she a kid?” Sure, the girl could use some bronzer on her pasty skin, but otherwise, she’s got the whole personal style thing down pat. Those braids, those nails, that dress and that glare that street style photographers love? You wish you had that much style when you were a kid.

The newest “kid” to come under our radar is Willow Smith a.k.a Karl Lagerfeld‘s latest muse and the current face of Chanel eyewear. I say “kid” because even though I’ve got a decade on her – yes, I did just reveal my age right there – she’s at this level of cool that I will never reach. It is both depressing but also interesting at the same time. I mean, if you were to put white Chanel ribbons in my hair the same way it was done in her campaign, I’d look like a sad, overgrown five-year-old. #truth

Chanel recently released behind-the-scenes polaroids of Smith’s campaign and we’ve been looking at them for a good 10 minutes and counting. How come my polaroids never look this cool? There are plenty of style lessons in them, too. Pearl necklaces with bomber jackets, white t-shirts under embroidered dresses, glasses with evening wear, white fluffy, tulle dresses with dark wine lips. It all works so well. Adult-ifying teen style trends, almost. She’s even de-Frenched the breton shirt and black cigarette pants by adding printed socks and trainers. If you’re dry on style inspo this week, look no further, my friend.


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