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15 Practical Ways To Hit The Refresh Button Today and Errrrday

Here, a round-up of the top stories from our "Hit The Refresh Button" month. Don't just let "new year, new me" be a thing on your Instagram.

The whole “new year, new me” concept is divisive. Some people buy into it, others see it like every other resolution that was ever made and never fulfilled: it’s all fluff. Ultimately, whether we actually follow through with our plethora of plans for the new year or not, the mindset that kicks things off matters. When you have that mindset, it is some degree of the work done compared to not even having it at all.

Going beyond that new year mindset, perhaps it is also just as important to not rely on a new year to make changes. If you’ve already faltered from one of your new year resolutions, don’t shrug it off and add it to next year’s list. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial or inspirational poster, your “new year” could be tomorrow. Today. Right this second.

Which is why we named January “Hit The Refresh Button” month. Not only because the first month of the year is the perfect excuse and reason to start on a clean slate, we also wanted it to be a reference point of which we can refer to should we forget the commitment to “hit refresh”. January itself – and the mindset you have in it – is the button that you can pull into the different parts of the year. Does that make sense?

We looked at “refresh” in the physical sense. From helping you craft your home spa – best candles included – to the anti-peels that will give you smooth skin to the five-step routine to use when you are in desperate need of a cure for morning face. We looked at refresh quite literally by testing out seven popular facial mists, so that you can find the perfect one when you need a mid-day pick me up that isn’t coffee.

It is about how you feel on the inside as well. We spoke to former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo on how she keeps her skin great and her abs tight. Our resident kitchen maestro Bella Koh has a recipe for a healing peanut butter noodle broth. Our junior writer Natalyn upped her water intake for the sake of a story and is never going back again (read: actual, proper detox).

With work and the office being such a big part of our lives, hitting refresh on that aspect can make a big difference as well. We came up with ways to save time with a corporate closet guide. If you seek to trim your makeup prep, try a quick combination of any one of our best brow products, blushers and the best foundation cushion I’ve used to date. Pat, pat, swipe, swipe, donezo.

Finally, decluttering, from the five essential types of pants that you need and where we shop for essential wardrobe basics – less choice, less anxiety and all that – to how to turn your vanity into one made for the Pinterest boards.

Have you already hit refresh? Ready to go again?

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