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I Gave Up Sugar For 30 Days For The Sake Of My Acne

Would you give up dessert for better skin? Our contributor Shloka (@thesilksneaker) did – she had to give up honey and pasta, too – and she's game to do it again.

Introducing the latest contributor to join YOYOKULALA.com – the London-based Shloka Narang (@thesilksneaker)! Dealing acne is traumatising enough, let alone for years. When Shloka did a 30 days no sugar challenge to curb with her acne woes and it was a game-changer. Don’t forget to check out more of her at The Silk Sneaker!

When my friends told me about the 30-day no-sugar challenge, I thought they were crazy. Not only would we be giving up all forms of refined sugar, but we would also be giving up all substitutes (NO HONEY!), most natural sugars and all-white flour. That means goodbye pasta, hello spelt. Little did I know then before I embarked on the challenge that the acne I have struggled with my whole life was suddenly about to disappear.

I suffered from severe breakouts and acne for the majority of my teenage years. This followed me into my twenties and I’ve tried every cream, every mask, every cleanser there is, but never did my breakouts completely disappear. I had been told quite a few times that my breakouts were probably related to a deeper issue or an intolerance. As someone who lives for desserts, never did the idea that my addiction to all things sugary sweet could actually be causing me to be ashamed of my skin.

About 10 days into the challenge, I had a bittersweet feeling. Although a part of me really wanted to drop everything and stuff my face with the next chocolate bar I could find, I was overcome by the massive improvement in my skin. My face was glowing! I didn’t need any makeup, I didn’t have to hide behind my sunglasses. For the first time in a long time, I saw a clear face in the mirror. I couldn’t feel happier.

I completed my 30 days of no sugar just yesterday. I’ve enjoyed having a fresh face clear of acne so much that I would choose that over my favorite dessert any day. As anyone who has ever suffered from acne, you know how horrible it can make you feel. This one simple change to my diet was able to change the entire way I looked and felt about myself. With the holidays coming up, I know how difficult it can be to give up sugar. With that in mind I have three very simple tips in mind to keep you going!

#1: Be Creative

It may seem like there is nothing for you to eat, but trust me there are quite a few makeshift desserts I discovered! Pip & Nut was my best friend through the 30 days along with fruit and dates.

#2: Keep The Goal In Mind

Remember why you’re doing this and remember how amazing you’re going to look and feel after! Isn’t the long-term joy worth so much more than that one second on your lips?

#3: Do It With A Friend

What kept me going was the support system I had because I didn’t do this alone!

So, would you try this? Do you suffer from acne and have had to make similar sacrifices to deal with it? If you’re interested in trying out this no-sugar cleanse, you can read more about it here.

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