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5 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Ditch Disposables For Immediately

There is no Plan(et) B, and it starts with the little things that you do on the daily without thinking twice about. Are you ready to try?

Sustainability has been the word on everyone’s lips now more so than ever. The little things that we used to not think twice about doing daily, say using a cotton pad in the morning with your toner, or saying yes to a coffee stirrer, now seem to carry so much weight. Indeed, things have to change, and it starts with these exact little things. A re-examination of personal routines is required, and here at Team KULALA, we’re re-examining the way we go about our personal care routines.

If you find yourself constantly reaching for the those tiny bins by your dressing table or in the toilet, and you’re starting to feel that pang that something should be done to reduce that frequency, here is a list of five ways you can start. We’re going to get quite personal here, so get comfortable. Let’s go.

#1: Wooden Toothbrush 

The wooden toothbrush has a considerably smaller ecological footprint compared to your typical plastic one since bamboo is biodegradable. Keep in mind that your toothbrush is only fully biodegradable if the bristles are made of organic materials instead of the usual nylon. We suggest that you go for a fully biodegradable toothbrush only if you don’t have sensitive teeth or gums.

#2: Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated and drinking more water changed Natalyn’s lifestyle for the better. What better way to do it than to make sure that you have your trusty bottle by your side wherever you go? If you don’t already have one, we recommend that you get a sturdy BPA-free water bottle. These ones look so good, they practically remind you to drink up!

#3: Straw

Instead of using disposable straws, I take my metal straw with me so that I can enjoy any drinks on the go without feeling guilty for using plastic straws. You can easily grab one from Seastainable Co., a Singaporean social enterprise that sells metal straws at a relatively reasonable price point. For those of you with sensitive teeth, bamboo straws might be the better option and you can get them at Bamboo Straws Worldwide, which also offers a fantastic range of reusable items!

#4: Menstrual Cup

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A menstrual cup that is inserted into your hoo-ha when the flow arrives. Told you we were going to get personal, didn’t we? We know ladies who really advocate the use of menstrual cups for it can be used for 12 hours in one setting and, believe it or not, is leak-free when worn right. It should be recognised that this isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to cutdown on your use of pads and tampons, why not give this a go? It saves costs in the long run as well.

#5: Period Panties

Period panties are a great alternative to the menstrual cup if you prefer something less complex. Thinx’s panties can absorb up to four tampons’ worth of blood, so you can be rest assured that you won’t be facing any pesky leaks during your period. As long as you don’t feel squeamish about washing your soiled undies, this eco-friendly option is certainly fuss free.

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