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Pre-Fashion Week Prep: 5 Fashion Films To Watch Right Now

Not feeling the hype yet? Get yourself in the mood and cosy up on the couch with these before the new collections hit the runway.

There’s nothing more exciting than *fayshun* month! Here at the studio, we are busy packing (going cray cray tbh) and putting together countless outfit looks for the upcoming shows. Our schedules and luggage are (almost) packed but so is our fashion film lists to keep us entertained on the flight. Join us won’t you? And pass the sweetened popcorn, please! Ready? Set. Play.


Battle at Versailles (2016)

Set in the palace of Louis XIV in 1973, the Battle of Versailles Fashion Show was one of the most prominent affairs that steered the course of American fashion. A slew of young American designers were pitted against famed French designers and to everyone’s surprise, the Americans won. How? You’ll have to watch and see. Spot your favourite American and French designers, from Oscar de la Renta to Hubert de Givenchy as they face-off against each other on the star-studded stage. (Watch the trailer here.)


The First Monday in May (2016)

An exclusive and eye opening behind-the-scenes film that takes us through the creative processes of Anna Wintour, Vogue US editor-in-chief and Andrew Bolton, MET Curator in preparations for the annual Met Ball. Remember that extravagant dress by Guo Pei on Riri that was an instant Internet sensation? Don’t forget to spot it! Known as the Superbowl of social fashion events, this is a must watch for every fashion enthusiast. (Watch the trailer here.)


Saint Laurent (2014)

Transport yourself into the couture house of Yves Saint Laurent and watch the magic unfold during and after work; throwing decadent parties and surrounding himself in company of friends and lovers. It does sound all very fancy, though we must warn you that it doesn’t have a pretty ending. (Watch the trailer here.)


Iris (2014)

Quirky, witty and flamboyant aren’t just adjectives you would describe a typical 87 year-old – unless she is Iris Apfel, of course. The style maven’s free spirit and enthusiasm for fashion is beautifully and inspiringly captured in the film, reminding us that life is nothing but an experiment. (Watch the trailer here.)


Yohji Yamamoto | Dress Maker (2016)

The highly revered Japanese fashion designer, Yohji Yamamoto opens up in an hour-long documentary about his values that shaped his work ethics and life. Dressed in his signature shades of black and deconstructed silhouettes, our real question is how many cigarettes did Yamamoto smoke while filming this? (Watch the trailer here.)


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