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5 Food Instagrams That You Should Be Following (But Aren’t)

From honest cakes that say what you think to rainbow ramen. These aren't your regular #mealoftheday flatlays.

You know that thing that happens when you discover a certain kind of video on YouTube and you spend the next two hours or so watching similar videos based on recommendations in the sidebar? Cats, sneezing babies, baby sloths, Conan O’Brien, the like. The same thing happened to us recently – but on Instagram. Maybe it has something to do with the recent Halloween or the fact that Christmas is coming, but food art has been popping up all over our Instagram feed. Especially the kind involving candy and desserts. One Instagram picture let to another and BAM – Instagram vortex!

Because we know that everyone can appreciate a little bit of colour on their Instagram feed, we’ve rounded up five of our new favourite food Instagram accounts to follow. These are nothing like those #mealoftheday food flatlays. None of that run of the mill stuff here. We’re talking food in the form of Pantone swatches, rainbow ramen, taco phones and cakes that are as rude as they are funny.


The way Natasha of @violettinder sees it, anything that looks like it could be paint is paint. The more pastel the better. Candy apples and chocolate that look a little to colourful to be edible, cakes splashed with coloured icing and pink waffles? Don’t know about you, but we’ll still eat those.



Litman’s speciality involves hilarious food puns and playing around with food and Pantone swatches. Our favourites? A bread roll saying “Don’t want none unless you got buns hun” and “My favourite type of men is ramen” because #truth.



Hoole’s MO is all about creating repeated patterns with food. Donuts, half-eaten fruit roll-ups, gummy candy and even ramen with rainbow sprinkles because who doesn’t like ramen with rainbow sprinkles?



Okay, that’s it – cakes that just say “Happy Birthday” aren’t going to cut it anymore. Why not just write your message on the cake and save on the card money? All the pretty decorations just serve to up the irony. We’re taking cues from @drakesoncake’s hilarious icing phrases.



If you love pink, pizza and pins, Darden’s your girl. The graphic designer’s clearly a fan of ice cream, donuts and pancakes, but her favourite topic of them all? Quirky label pins shaped like food. It’s like food-ception.

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