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5 Hilarious Collage Artists & Illustrators You Need To Follow

From Pokémon in Gucci ads to Disney Princesses on magazine covers, who doesn't like a good pop culture and fashion mash-up?

A pop culture and fashion crossover is a tale as old as time. We’ve seen Bambi at Givenchy, The Jungle Book at Kenzo, Star Wars and Titanic at Vetements, Barbie and The Powerpuff Girls at Moschino, and so on and so forth – it’s a pretty long list. Then you have those Bleached Goods t-shirts that cleverly meld the names of designers with rock ‘n’ roll merch from Metallica to The Rolling Stones. (Writer’s note: I’m wearing the Dior-meets-AC/DC one as I type this.) Intertextuality seems to be the Ittest of the It things these days and as a self-professed pop culture addict (read: TV and movie addict), I find it all very intriguing.

Of course, the intertextuality phenomenon isn’t just taking place IRL, it’s slowly taking over URL as well. Pop culture collage artists and illustrators are popping up on Instagram faster than you can say “Alaïa” (Clueless reference, anyone?) and they’re all so hilariously entertaining it’s hard to choose a favourite. Pokémon in Gucci, Cinderella in Chanel and Andy Sachs in Vetements? Let’s just say that many late nights were spent stalking the following on Instagram.


Francis Phommisai (@pokexfashion)
A fan of both fashion and Pokémon, Phommisai found an ingenious way of combining his loves into one – by featuring Pokémon in ad campaigns. Phommisai took a little hiatus in the first half of the year, but thanks to Fashionista and the rapid rise of Pokémon Go, the Canadian stylist is back in business.


Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler)
A designer and illustrator by trade, Siedler’s collages first came to prominence after his Mean Girls and Vetements mash-up went viral in the fashion circuit. He has since gone on to mash-up everything from Clueless‘s Cher and Dion with Louis Vuitton and Harry Potter‘s Professor McGonagall  in Loewe. We’re still a little high from the release of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, so can we request for more Harry Potter mash-ups, please?


Gregory Masouras (@greg_gr)
We discovered Masouras two months ago after his W Magazine collaboration and we’ve been stalking his Instagram ever since. Disney obsessed, guilty as charged! Like Phommisai, Masouras combines animation with real-life fashion, but he goes a step further by substituting models and celebs with Disney princesses and princes. Cinderella with striking blue eye shadow and a knife à la Elle Fanning in V Magazine? Honey, you’ve never looked better.


Lorenz Valentino (@lorenzvalentino)
Now, this one is for the funnies. Valentino’s claim to fame involves the photoshopping of himself into pictures of A-listers from Ryan Gosling to Kim Kardashian. Always sporting the same dinosaur onesie in the doctored pictures, Valentino pairs the look with poses that you really can’t help laughing at. All funnies aside, that’s some pretty stellar photoshopping he’s got there.


Chris Rellas (@copylab)
Perhaps the most “serious” of the lot – though still pretty darn entertaining – Rellas’ technique involves the mashing up of classic art with modern fashion. The devil’s in the details for this one-time #GucciGram collage artist. Paintings may appear normal at first until you spot a Net-a-Porter paper bag in Marie Antoinette’s hands, or a Rolex in Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”.


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