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5 Playlists to Make Staying Home All the More Bearable

Pour yourself a glass of quarantini – yes, that's what it's called these days – and plug into one of these five playlists for temporary respite from all that's happening in the world.

Amidst the covid-19 madness, home quarantine is in full swing in most parts of the world. Is it just me or did the days in March stretch out to what felt like eternity? The way things are looking, April, too, is ’bout to be another looong month. At this point, you might have burned through the days sorting out your loungewear for the month ahead, binge watching more Korean dramas than you’d like to admit to, stalking your ex-boyfriend and the one before, and everything in between.

As the world gradually adjusts back to normalcy, there’s little else to do than relish in the moment while it lasts. Or as per millennial speak, stay present. Except that, during a global lockdown, it’s a whole lot simpler in theory and applicable as an Instagram caption than in real life. When the only place you can run to happens to be the grocery store, we could all use a metaphorical escape from the heaviness that hangs in the air.

Remember your coping mechanism when you had bad days as a teen? Respite meant blaring music in your ears and tuning out from the world –  my go-to was Rihanna, from whom I channeled my inner badass. The multitude of quarantine playlists circulating the internet will have you know that it is still an effective remedy to lift up your spirits. Plug in those earphones and take a pick from one of the five playlists for all of 30-something minutes of reprieve. Will you be hopping onboard Michel Gaubert’s emotional sonic rollercoaster or boogieing to Singapore-based DJ Mr.Has’s groovy tunes?


Soul music has its way of tugging your heartstrings in equal measure just as it makes you want to get on your feet and groove to the beat. The instrumentals on some of these tracks are truly something else. A ten-track playlist heavy on soul music which characteristically combines rhythm and blues and jazz, this playlist picks up the mood on sombre evenings without getting too crazy.

Michel Gaubert

The sound designer of Chanel, Loewe and Louis Vuitton, Michel Gaubert is a regular fixture at fashion week. You might not know him by name, but if you have your pulse on all things fashion, you would be no stranger to his mixes. Gaubert’s playlist for Vogue is an extensive 30-song catalogue. “I built it like a rollercoaster of emotions featuring tracks that mean something to me or remind me of shows and moments,” explained Gaubert. Just as intended, this one will take you through a range of emotions – best paired with a glass of wine.


A regular fixture at fashion week after parties, Fiona Zanetti’s tongue in cheek Disdancing playlist is an almost hour long house and techno mix. If you’re in the mood to throw a party of one, look no further. Or perhaps, get that Zoom conference going for a house party!

Trinity the Tuck’s Self-Isolation Playlist

The world could certainly use RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 4 winner Trinity the Tuck’s sense of humour right about now. The playlist opens with Celine Dion’s hit All By Myself  and goes down a list of other billboard hits like Robyn’s Take My Breath Away and Destiny Child’s Survivor. We bet you’d probably already know the words to most of the tracks on this playlist. Did someone say lip sync challenge?

Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh has made no secret of his inclination to music. The multi-hyphenate’s eclectic stay home playlist runs the gamut from jazz legend Miles Davis to Brazilian composer Arthur Verocai. We’d suggest going through this one without reading too much into the playlist. A pleasant surprise awaits!

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