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5 Snacks To Beat That Pesky Afternoon Slump

Splashing your face or taking a walk doesn't help? Here are a couple of snacks that'll leave toothpicks away from your eyelids. AND THEY'RE HEALTHEEEE.

Afternoons after a carb-heavy lunch would mean slouching over our desks, staring at the clock and awaiting the hour hand to hit the six o’clock mark. Every now and then, we all make the decision to take a burrito over a plate of salad. By now and then, I mean every single time. After the fifth time we’ve hit our forehead against table tops, we’ve come to a consensus that we’d never be able to live without rice or noodles. In order for us to stay upright after food, we’ve got a couple of tips and tricks up our sleeves.

The first matter at hand lies within the sugars of your food. Reaching for a pumpkin spice latte probably isn’t the best idea, neither is a seemingly harmless oversized cookie. You might achieve a sugar rush or a sugar high, but your energy will come crashing down again in no time.

Instead, amino-acids in protein will help to keep you awake – and fuller, too. Protein compared to sugar also means less empty calories going into your bodies. Ta da, the more you know. So the next time you head down for grocery or have a little spare time on your hands, grab a can of chickpeas and a couple of herbs. You’ll be patting yourself on the back when you’re still awake at that pesky four o’clock.

#1: Roasted chickpeas are a great alternative to chips. Crispy and crunchy, this healthy snack can be made by coating a can of drained chickpeas with oil and herbs, then roasting it in your oven at medium with fan, until it is dried and ready to snack.

#2: Protein balls are super easy to make. As long as you’ve got a blender, you can say goodbye to calorie-filled energy bars and protein shakes. Keep it simple with a base of pitted dates, sweetener of your choice, and a couple of toppings or nuts to your preference.

#3: Hummus dippers make a refreshing snack, and is even greater if you’ve got a growling belly. Place hummus at the bottom of a mason jar, and stick carrot, cucumber, and celery sticks upright into it. It looks #aesthetic and will even catch the eyes of equally energy-deprived co-workers. Killing three birds with one stone? Damn.

#4: Green juice if you’ve never tried it, it’s not as disgusting as it sounds. Truly. Choose fruits that also contain high amounts of protein, such as dates, apricots, avocados, and guava. Most green juices consists of spinach or kale, both of which are high in protein. Best part is, you can’t even taste them if you choose your ingredients correctly.

#5 Chia pudding is such an easy snack. It’s easy to make, and can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days. Simply add a one to one ratio of milk to chia seed and stick it in the fridge for six hours. You may also try adding granola, fruits and a sweetener of your choice. Berries make a great choice, too. It’s easy, fun, and great for your health.

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