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5 Things To Get You Through The Mid-Week Slump

Need a reason to procrastinate this hump/slump day? We have five: Vetements' supersized collaboration, a marker for your face, some poultice for your "Game of Thrones"-shaped wound and more.

It’s officially the last week of June. If you find yourself in need of a distraction until July and your much-anticipated summer vacation arrives – we know we definitely do – our weekly Distraction Report is here for you! From tributes to the late Bill Cunningham to Chanel’s brand new poster girl, here are five things buzzing around the interwebs. (If you haven’t seen the season finale of Game of Thrones, you may want to look away right about now because there are spoilers ahead.)


1. Bill Cunningham Corner

The fashion industry lost a legend and an icon with the recent passing of Bill Cunningham. To honour his memory, a petition has been started on change.org to rename the street photographer’s favourite spot in Manhattan, the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, to Bill Cunningham Corner. Thus far, over 1,600 of 2,500 signatures have been collected. You can sign the petition over here.


2. Vetements Supersizes Its Collaborations

Here’s more proof that Vetements is really ahead of everyone else in this thing we call fashion. For its upcoming show in Paris, the cult label will unveil a collection created in collaboration with 18 well-recognised labels. Not one, not two, but friggin’ 18, ranging from Levi’s and Manolo Blahnik to Reebok and Juicy Couture. Now, this is something that we’re really excited to see. [The Cut]


3. R.I.P Margaery Tyrell

Still reeling in from the loss of Margaery and the Tyrell clan on Game of Thrones? So are we, man, so are we. We’re finding comfort in two things: 1) the fact that she knew something was up and she was still clever to the end, BUT NOT CLEVER ENOUGH *SNIFFS* and 2) Harper’s Bazaar’s very timely interview with Natalie Dormer, the actress behind Margaery, where she talks about the shocking season finale. It’s going to take us at least a week to get over this. [Harper’s Bazaar US]


4. YSL Beauty Has A Marker For Your Face

Well, for your eyes, specifically. A follow-up to cult favourite Couture Kajal Eye Pencil, YSL is about to release the Couture Eye Marker, which is really a felt-tip pen for your face. It even looks the part. Set to hit stores in August, the marker is said to have some serious staying power, but with easy-as-pie application.


5. Willow Smith Fronts Chanel

Move over, old Hollywood – the new brood is taking over. Following Lily-Rose Depp’s campaign last season, the next young thing to front Chanel’s eyewear campaign is Willow “Cooler Than Thou” Smith. Sporting a dark lip, her signature dreadlocks and some seriously enviable eye makeup (#cateyeonfleek), Smith dances like nobody’s watching in the two-part campaign. Watch them here and here.


Images: Chanel

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