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Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle • September 9, 2016

5 Things To Talk About During Happy Hour (That Aren’t Pokémon Related)

by Team Yoyokulala
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Are we still talking about Pokémon? The game is good to pass the time and while we’re secretly still hoping to catch a Charizard, it really is time to set the Pokéhunting aside in favour of actual face-to-face – and not phone-to-face! – conversation. If you’re officially done with talking about how many Pikachus you have, or where’s the best spot to catch a Snorlex, we’ve got five things for you to talk about over pub grub and rosé during Happy Hour tonight.


1. Give Your Girls Some TLC
Face masks, lip masks, feet masks and…boob masks? Remember what we said about beauty cushions being the most interesting thing from the South Korean beauty market? Scratch that – we’re replacing it with boob masks because YES. I mean, it is still skin down there and any and all kinds of skin on your body deserves some good lovin’. We’ll give it three months before boob masks start hitting the shelves. [Racked]


2. New York Fashion Week Honours Bill Cunningham
This is making us a little teary-eyed. To honour the memory and legacy of the late Bill Cunningham, photographers at New York Fashion Week were each given a blue French workman jacket – the legendary street photographer’s signature all through his decades-long career. Bill, forever remember. [Refinery29]


3. Kanye West’s Epic (?) Yeezy Season 4 Show
Has Kanye truly outdone himself this time? If you were on Instagram yesterday, you would have heard that Kanye’s fourth instalment for Yeezy was yesterday and it was mad. Mad hot, I mean. The entire shindig ran for five hours and included plenty of hoodies and hundreds of barefoot models on the lawn. A few actually fainted. [Refinery29]


4. Rebecca Black Made Some New Music
Remember Rebecca Black, that girl who was super excited about getting down on Friday, but couldn’t make up her mind about which seat in the car she should take? Well, she’s back! We’re not going to lie – she actually sounds pretty okay. Take a listen and tell us what you think. (Also, anyone getting Kylie Jenner vibes from her new look?)


5. Marc Jacobs & Crew Boogie To The Beat
Need a theme song for the weekend? We’re looping Man Friday’s “Love Honey, Love Heartache” thanks to Marc Jacobs’ Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. Featuring a lot of famous people from Missy Elliot and Marilyn Manson to Courtney Love and Cara Delevingne, the campaign is part-Beetlejuice, part-Corpse Bride, part-Nightmare Before Christmas and super ’80s. We kinda love it, though adding Winona Ryder into the mix would have made it even better. [Harper’s Bazaar US]


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