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Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle • June 7, 2016

5 Things To Talk About During Lunch

by Candice Chua
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Whether it’s lunch with those acquaintances you call colleagues, an awkward dinner with the family, quick non-gossip pauses on Ladies Night with the girls or just a couple of conversation starters before the actual starters hit the table on that blind date, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even thrown in a little bit of Taylor Swift because who doesn’t love a little bit of Taylor Swift?

1. Louis Vuitton is getting back into the fragrance biz.

Well, it’s about time if you ask us. I mean, is it just us who cannot get enough of the smell of fresh Vuitton leather? The house hasn’t had a fragrance since 1946 – the original bottles are still intact, but everything in there has evaporated – so it’s a brand new drawing board for perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Simply called Les Parfums Louis Vuitton, the fragrance will contain notes of May rose, Centifolia rose, citrus, jasmine and, of course, that part-floral, part-musky scent of natural Vuitton leather. The fragrance hits boutiques in September 2016 and we absolutely cannot wait.


2. Snorting chocolate is a thing now.

Damn, these hipsters. Apparently, it is now an actual thing to snort chocolate, or rather, raw cocoa. We all know chocolate releases endorphins – thanks for that, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! – but is it really enough to get you high? We’re taking the revelation with more than a few grains of salt, just like how we like our chocolate. [Dazed]


3. Taylor Swift crashed a fan’s wedding.

Um, how fun is that? Apparently, the groom’s sister wrote in to Swift describing the tearjerking circumstances under which the couple was first married. The singer was so touched, she decided to head down to the wedding in New Jersey to surprise the happy couple and perform an acoustic version of “Blank Space”. You’ve got to admit that’s all very aww-worthy, whether you like Swift or not. Also, this opens up a whole new window to wedding planning – *insert celebrity name* could appear at your wedding! [Refinery29]


4. We’re still not over Dior’s Cruise 2017 extravaganza.

And thanks to Dior, we have a closer look at the whole shebang. A very British pub (with an open-mic!), tattooed bar boys, an old-world train ride, cat naps, a red-coated band fit for a queen and an actual palace. Dior’s also recently released an Instavideo that sees a superimposed Monsieur Christian Dior examining the Cruise 2017 collection, as though the man was there himself.



5. Jonathan Anderson fronts Business of Fashion.

The wunderkind is has been tapped to be the cover boy of BoF‘s “A Connected World” issue. As one of the youngest designers in his league – and a stellar one at that – and a millenial, and with all the growing talk about social media, technology and fashion, it’s about time someone roped him in. Lovely cover, too. Those blue, blue eyes. [Business of Fashion]


Image: Original Louis Vuitton perfume bottles dated 1925 to 1931; Louis Vuitton


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