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7 Super Aesthetic Candles That Are Too Pretty to Use

From ones shaped like atoms to others that take after bamboo shoots, these artsy-fartsy candles look better untouched, anyway.

Have you ever been guilty of making a purchase purely for aesthetic value? All you minibag fiends – you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. The teeny-tiny carryalls that completely fail in function but make up for it with their doses of adorable. They don’t make ANY sense but we’d led logic slide on a case-by-case basis.

Another such case in point: artsy-fartsy candles that don’t quite don’t smell like much. We know, we know…the very purpose of a candle is to set the mood, transport your mind to your favourite time of the year, trigger pleasant memories, soothe the soul, blah, blah, blah. Like minibags, purely aesthetic candles mind not make sense right off the bat.

But let us explain. These candles, some of which, you might have seen making cameos in Instagram’s feeds overflowing with interior inspiration. Unlike the stereotypical candle, these decorative alternatives just serve a different purpose. Also, at which point does one tire of cylindrical candle holders?

Twist and turn candles, ones that are shaped after an atom, others that recall a bamboo shoot – these candles that deviate from the norm present a refreshing change in scenery. They also make up for their lack of scent by way of, quite literally, lasting forever. Because you’d never have to burn these, you’ll be spared of the emotional labour of weeping over an expensive candle that’s approaching the end of its wick.

Purchase totally justified.

Ri-Ri-Ku Atom Cube Candle


Lex Pott Twist Candle

Takazawa Nanao P Candle

Ontwerpduo Tallow Candle

Stussy Surfman Candle

Ri-Ri-Ku Zig Zag Standing Candlestick

Ri-Ri-Ku Ying Yang Candle



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