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A Completely Justifiable Netflix Binge You Won’t Have to Feel Guilty About

The only regret you'd have to deal with is that tub of Ben & Jerry's or slice of pizza you're stuffing your face with while you're at it.

If I were Alice, Nextflix would be my Wonderland; and down the rabbit hole I have fallen on countless of nights. Unlike Alice, who might not have had a choice, I have little else but my lack of self-discipline to blame for my slip-ups. A girl can only do that much before caving into the inexhaustible inventory of film and television. I would thrive for hours on end in my element. No one told me I was royalty but I sure felt like one laying on my throne, i.e. my bed, barely having to lift a finger to click to the next episode.

These fantasies almost always came to a screeching halt the following morning. Groggy, self-deprived and full of regret, I carried the guilt on my shoulders and heavy eyelids. It wouldn’t be too presumptuous of me to assume that at one point or another, you might have been a fellow Netflix-binging comrade. Netflix and chill was, at some point, everyone’s thing. 

Not entirely ready to cut the cord with Netflix, I thought long and hard about how I could make the relationship work. As Oprah would call it, I had my aha moment – all I really had to do to was tailor what exactly it was on Netflix I spent my time watching. It may have been an extensive catalogue to sieve through but I landed on a gold mine. Documentaries. These are what I would like to call completely justifiable binges you don’t have to feel bad about. At the end of each of these, you would have learnt something about something. Your eyelids may weigh you down the morning after but the inspiration will keep you woke!


WHAT: “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond” is a documentary film that chronicles Jim Carrey’s widely acclaimed performance as Andy Kaufman in the 1999 film “Man on the Moon”. While the footage of Carrey’s method acting on the set of the original film offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes insight, the contemporary interview scenes with Carrey stand out as the documentary’s truly compelling moments. A rare glimpse of Carrey behind his comedic veil is something else. The hairs on my back stood as he stared deadpan, straight into the camera and spoke about the relationship he shared with his father.

A QUOTEABLE QUOTE: “I learned that you can fail at what you don’t love, so you might as well do what you love.”


WHAT: The documentary follows a filmmaker, his girlfriend and their dog on an endearing expedition across North America in a refurbished school bus. Their pursuit of something more is perhaps something that would inspire you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery. At the very least, it would prompt you to think about what you want out of life.

A QUOTEABLE QUOTE: “Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared.”


WHAT: In a world accustomed to modern medicine, any relationship between the human psyche and physical health is often nullified. This documentary opens the windows of medicine to reveal a powerful connection that exists between the two.

A QUOTEABLE QUOTE: “If you want to come back to the supreme power over our biology, it’s thought the invisible energy from our mind that not only shapes our body but shapes our relationship to the world in which we live.”


WHAT: The 2017 documentary takes viewers behind-the-scenes as pop sensation Lady Gaga prepares for the release of her album and gets ready for her Super Bowl half-time show. Beneath the glitz and the glamour, Gaga reveals her vulnerable self in her battles with chronic pain and emotional hurdles.

A QUOTEABLE QUOTE: “I don’t want to complain about it. I just want to fix it.”


WHAT: Amongst one of the new releases on Netflix, the grit and the rigour of training for the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Games takes centrestage in “The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth”. If you needed the extra push to get going on your fitness goals for the year, this might do the job for you.

A QUOTEABLE QUOTE: “I thought it would always be about the first place but it turns out that it is not because I am happy right not.”

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