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The First Lesson I Learned From Nursing, And It’s An Important One

It may have sounded simple before, but like so many things in motherhood, there's a lot more to it, including sussing out the most convenient pump possibly EVER.

Before I plunged into the world of motherhood, I thought nursing Luca would be normal, like something I could breeze through. Now that I’m in it, I realise that it is the complete opposite, and I’ve learned so many things along the way, ones that could only come from being a mother myself.

This is your TMI warning. It’s not going to be very TMI, but just so you know.

When it comes to nursing, there are ocassions where mothers are unable to do so because of various reasons, like if the baby is unable to latch on, or if the mother simply chooses not to. Then, there will be two options, one being formula milk and the other called – a term which I learned – exclusive pumping. What it is essentially is pumping milk out using a breast pump every two to four hours, mimicking the act of nursing. It’s a better and safer alternative to formula milk, since the baby can still get the irreplaceable benefits of breast milk.

One of the headaches of exclusive pumping would be the inconvenience it comes with. The electric ones are loud – you’ll have to find a private room to do it – and the pump needs to be held in your hands and you can’t walk around while doing all that.

Now, here’s the main lesson. There’s a particular one called Freemie Liberty from Mothercare that is a life saviour and ultimate game changer. First off, it’s very safe, because it has a closed system, meaning no bacteria and bad stuff gets into it. It is also so small that I can just plop it inside my shirt or bra, and so mobile without being bulky. I can pump anywhere, handsfree, which is perfect when I’m on-the-go. The best part? Even though it’s electric, there’s no loud humming or buzzing. It’s so, so quiet that no one in the restaurant that I was eating at even noticed. Insane, right? Perhaps next time I should try it at the cinema. Hmmm.

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