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With Baby Shopping Well In Progress, Here’s What I Learned

For fellow new parents-to-be out there who need a little help, here's my list of the baby things that topped my list and the best place to get them.

I like to joke that there are two things that I consider my cardio: packing luggages for trips and good ol’ shopping. Between physical changes and prepping for my little guy, shopping for myself has somewhat taken a backseat. Still, that urge to add to cart has to go somewhere, and that somewhere these days is making sure everything is ready for the baby’s arrival. Momma needs to get ready, y’all.

One thing I’ve learned in my pregnancy amongst many other things – that I’ll probably get to in time – is that you can research, ask questions and research some more about the things you need to get ready for the baby, and then still be quite clueless when you’re at the store. There’s just…so many things. How do you know which is better?

I found myself in a similar situation a couple of weekends ago, then had my queries completely resolved in mere minutes. The store in question: Mothercare. Before I continue, I have to emphasise that this post is completely not a collaboration of any kind. I was just so thoroughly impressed with the quality of the service and the level of knowledge that the staff at Mothercare had that I felt the need to share it, just in case a fellow new parent out there needs extra help. So, here goes!

First off, the staff at Mothercare aren’t just sales assistants – they are actual consultants. They are trained and experience, and they know exactly what they’re talking about and exactly what you need, no matter what stage of parenting you are at. You don’t even need to do any prior research. Just go in there, tell them what you want and they’ll help you.

Second, and this is important – they aren’t pushers. If a certain product is not your thing, it’s not your thing. You move on. There are parenting stores out there that sort of take advantage of a new parent’s inexperience to push products your way. Mothercare doesn’t.


Now, the individual brands. Mothercare has a lot, but like I said, the consultants are there to filter things down. At the top of my list is Stokke, a rather popular Norwegian brand that makes these beautiful cots and rockers that can be converted into something else as the baby grows older, like a high chair or a bigger bed. Their prams are ridiculously sleek and futuristic looking as well and can be converted into car seats, but for this one, I went with Cybex because I felt it afforded more ease.

For bottles and nursing kits, Tommee Tippee looks good and also feels good in the hands. Judging from how popular it is, I’m going to assume that my baby will like it, too. It’s just so all-rounded in terms of feeding needs – and safe! As for car seats and accessories like seat supports and cute little wooden hair brushes, I went to Snapkis. Stokke makes a great collapsable bathtub. A special shout-out goes to Mothercare’s own brand of baby wipes. It is so soft, fragrance-free and comprises mostly water with just a little bit of aloe and chamomile extracts. I like it so much that I, uh, started using it for myself.

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