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5 Boozy Fragrances That Will Not Give You Hangovers

From whisky to rum to sake, these are for the one who seeks an alluring, powerful scent that will leave an intoxicating sillage like no other.

When one thinks of personal fragrances, it is natural for the mind to veer toward the floral, citrus and woody stuff. These are the popular notes, after all. Rarely does the mind veer toward, say, the smell of booze? The smell of a bar? For those of us who wear fragrances on the daily, we’re always on the search for a truly unique one that makes us feel just a little bit boujee, that one that will leave an alluring sillage as we leave a room.

Where do you see that happening for your inner femme fatale? For us, we imagine a woman in the Roaring Twenties, dressed to the nines and drink in hand, a trail of broken hearts in her wake. We think Josephine Baker and Louise Brooks. Well, imagery partly owed to one of the most popular booze-inspired fragrances on the market: Maison Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club.

So, it got us thinking – what other boozy fragrances are there that deserve the the noses of the unconventionalists among us? Here, we pick five that we, typically lovers of floral and woody fragrances, find deliciously appealing. These scents are not for the fainthearted, but they will invigorate and intoxicate – without you having to take a lick of booze.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

Reminiscent of the groovy ambience in classic old jazz clubs, this rich scent takes you on a journey to discover it as they know it. With musky notes of pink pepper, rum absolute and vanilla that blends beautifully with the base tobacco notes, Maison Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club brings a waft of spicy, woody liquor scent that lasts all day long. Although it’s deep and leathery, the vanilla brings a tinge of sweetness to it, making it equally wearable for females, despite being marketed as a male scent.

Byredo Accord Oud

The Byredo Accord Oud is a fragrance that ages like fine wine, moving from the light fruitiness of blackberry, saffron and rum into a deeper, warmer and more alluring scent. It’s infused with the essence of dark wood and leather, with spicy and smokey tones that gives this perfume an elegant, refined aura that’s perfect for the evenings.

Fresh Sake

If you’re seeking for the balance between a light fruity scent and the deepness from alcohols, this could be the perfect one for you. It’s clean, velvety and is infused with sake, making it a fragrance that’s perfect for warmer summer nights that needs a little bit more uplifting. The inclusion of white peach mixed in with the sharpness of ginger and sandalwood provide a nice contrast and invigoration.

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling is a gin-infused perfume that pays tribute to the popular culture of the 1920s with its smooth, crisp blends. The lighter notes of angelica and juniper berry – which is what makes gin – jump out at you with spicier notes of pepper, leather and orange brandy, making it a well-rounded and well-contrasted scent. But that’s not all, because it transitions into a sweeter and more subdued fragrance from the brown sugar and black cherry notes. It’s musky, powdery, spicy and fruity all in one. 

Etat Libre D’Orange Remarkable People

This perfume pays homage to the remarkable people we all meet in our daily lives, which is an interesting concept to begin with. Think of a fragrance that’s earthy and vibrant, infused with cheeky, seductively sweet notes. The mesmerising scent from champagne offsets the spiciness that comes from black pepper and curry tree, and is a unique fragrance that’s also got cardamon and jasmine in the mix. 



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