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KULALA Weekends: 7 Beautiful Candles To Take The New Year Stress Away

From calming chamomile to healing, cold-clearing eucalyptus, all wrapped up with a touch of luxury. (But first, a teeny tiny disclaimer.)

New year, new me. Yeah, that’s what we all say, right? What we’re not expecting, however, are added unfamiliar items to our to-do lists. New schedules, new routines, but no new time. Even worse, the introvert in us has been acquainted with new friends, and we’ve got places to be and people to meet. Safe to say, stress has been catching up, and it’s taking a toll on our poor soul.

The only thing keeping us together so far? All sorts of candles. We’ve got herbal, woody, musky, citrusy and a ton of others waiting to be burned. They can set a million kinds of moods. Feeling down? How about this joyful candle from Ila that’s sure to lift your spirits. Maybe you’re prepping for a presentation the next day and need that small boost of concentration and confidence from this fearless scented candle. Smells can actually trigger memories and emotions, and you can make new memories of happiness by associating that particular candle with it. Cool, right?

Only because we’re such suckers for all things pretty and aesthetic, we just can’t get enough of how candles look on almost anywhere. The little flicker of light when the lights are off and the sky is dark just instantly sets the mood for a good blanket snuggle. It’ll also prove to come in handy if you want to do a little spa from the comforts of your own home.

Make sure you’re always going for soy candles, beeswax or any other non-toxic equivalent option out there. Paraffin – the waste by-product present in most candles – release carcinogenic chemicals when burned, some of which can also contaminate other surfaces. It’s dangerous and really bad for the environment, too.

There’s almost a candle for every situation and emotion you could ever name. These essential oils are a good place to start at if you’re new to this whole thing. Lavender and chamomile are calming, eucalyptus is good for colds and coughs while lemon is refreshing and stimulating. To help, we’ve rounded up a couple of our favourite scented candles down below. Get burning!

Joya Composition No.6 scented candle

No. 22 Laundry Room scented candle

Lafco White Grapefruit scented candle

Matter & Home Fearless scented candle

Ila Essence of Joy scented candle

Cire Trudon Madeleine scented candle

Fornasetti Flora White Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood scented candle

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