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The Food Instagrams That Changed How I Thought About “Clean Eating”

It definitely isn't about a meal of green leaves and water or having to cut out the sweet stuff, and it definitely isn't a "diet". Have the pasta! Have the pancakes!

Instagram truly is a magnificent source of information at your fingertips. Just a little over a year ago, my idea of clean eating translates into fruit, salads where green was the dominant colour and quinoa bowls. I ate these on the regular so I wouldn’t call it a diet, but if I’m being honest, it did get repetitive. And, boring. And probably not enough. When your food is like that, you get tired of it easily. You feel a little miserable even.

A few months ago, after deciding to nail down a regular, planned workout routine, I started using the Sweat app. The now-famous BBG workouts by Kayla Itsines are in there, but so were meal plans and ideas. What fascinated me was that the recipes were nothing like I imagined. They were nowhere near the chicken breast, egg whites, kale and protein shakes I expected. The recommended recipes were more along the lines of chickpea tacos, chia seed pudding, spaghetti with tomato and prawns and even stir-fried Hokkien Mee if you’d believe it, albeit altered from the original.

Intrigued, I did my research and found so many clean eating food Instagrammers, some so informative, creative and beyond useful in helping me craft my meals. But more importantly, they changed how I thought about food and that “clean eating” didn’t have to be about bland green leaves and water. It’s all about choosing the more nutritious alternative, knowing that too much of even a conventionally good thing can be bad, but also being okay with giving in to your cravings every once in a while. These are the five Instagrams to follow if you want to eat right, but also not eat like a hamster.



If you only want to follow one from the list, follow @meowmeix by Amanda Meixner. Her pictures may not be as Pinterest-ready as the other food bloggers you follow, but I’ll be damned if you don’t learn five nutrition facts after scrolling through her feed. Her content goes from easy meal prep ideas and how much to eat in a day to small swaps that make big differences in terms of calorie and sugar count. Meisner’s goal is to show you that eating clean is not about eating minuscule portions of bland, uncooked foods.



Juli – or #julisnomnoms as she likes to call herself – is a foodie from Germany with mad food styling skills. But her all-vegan dishes don’t just look good, they sound pretty damn good as well. Creamy poppy seed banana oatmeal with caramelised bananas, kiwi berries, vegan milk, chocolate hemp seeds and date syrup. Wholegrain spaghetti with tomato hemp pesto, spinach and almond butter. DANG. Juli has a website of recipes, but you can easily glean what goes into and how to make her food just by looking at her pictures and ingredient lists.



If you have more of a sweet tooth, Hannah Sunderani is the one to follow. Her creations go from simple banana and kiwi slices on toast to peanut butter and jelly “nice cream” (otherwise known as blended frozen bananas) to a pink and purple chia seed smoothie bowl that a unicorn would love. No artificial colouring here.



What is great about @mealprepsociety is that you will never run out of ideas of what to put into your lunch boxes for the office and it shows you the rough portions to go for. I also like that they feature non-plant ingredients, because clean eating can be about those as well. The Instagram doesn’t have full recipes like the other Instagrams on this list, but the key ingredients are obvious enough. Plus, as @mealprepsociety is a community of regular meal preppers, it links up to other similar Instagram accounts that you can follow to learn more.



As someone who likes her food mixed – by which I mean everything in one bite – this Instagram is right up my alley. The recipes are also easy despite how glorious they look in photos and also vegan if that’s your thing. They’re pretty common dishes, but you get ideas on what combination of ingredients to use if ever you run dry. Like @clean_body_, Tim doesn’t shy away from recipes with carbs and natural sugars because these things are not the enemy.


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