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Why You Should Consider Customised Gifts For Christmas

The title of "Gift Goddess" will be undisputedly yours. (Plus, the seven fashion girl-approved custom labels to do all your shopping from without breaking a sweat.)

No matter how good you are at selecting Christmas gifts for a certain someone, reaching that saturation point – that annoying point where you’ve exhausted all your possible gift options – is inevitable. It is the gifter’s equivalent of a writer’s block. During times like these, we find that the best way to get out of it are customised or personalised gifts. How can anyone fault you when you went out of your way to get their gift embroidered or stamped with their initials? Plus, in case you haven’t heard, customised thingamabobs are the new cool.

Of course, we’re moving way beyond the traditional mugs, jewellery, towels and bathrobes. That’s mom-and-dad territory. We’re pretty sure that your certain someone already has at least five custom mugs in their kitchen cabinet waiting to be used anyway. Instead, look to our list of fashion girl-approved custom labels, where you can customise and personalise everything from a simple and sleek leather cardholder to a hand-painted leather jacket. We even have a little something-something for the skincare obsessed! If you’re looking for even more gift options, browse our list of super luxe candles that are guaranteed to give the Christmas feels here. Why? Because everyone can appreciate a feels-infused candle. #trust


At the Singapore-based Luxemono, designs are kept simple and timeless. Everything can be monogrammed with your initials in gold or silver, whether it is a card holder, phone case, luggage tag or skinny zip wallet (we think this is perfect for those who hate lugging around big wallets).


The Daily Edited

What they have is similar to Luxemono, but with a larger product collection that includes laptop sleeves, guestbooks, minimal leather tote bags and weekend bags. They also collaborated with upcoming New York-based label Tome to create a capsule collection of very clean-cut bags and clutches – all 100% personalisable.



Need more? While South Korean label EENK doesn’t extend personalisation services to their entire site, the mock croc name card holders can be stamped with initials. Most do it at the store itself, though we think that if you sent in a special request, they won’t have a reason to say no. Plus, even if that doesn’t work out as a gift, you’ve got a whole range of unique leather accessories to back you up. We love the “Harp bag”.


Double Trouble

Remember that “Fuck What They Say” sweater we posted on Instagram? It’s a custom piece from Double Trouble! Embroider a nickname, inside joke or pop cultural reference for a personal touch – we guarantee that whoever you’re gifting it to will feel all warm and cosy on the inside, and it is not just because of the sweater itself.


Understated Leather

Always wanted a jacket to truly call your own? Understated Leather will help you build it. Leather or denim, printed or embroidered, bomber or biker, embellished or minimal – it is all for you to decide. The label has fans in everyone from Lady Gaga, Emma Roberts, Bella Hadid and Margaret Zhang to Blue Ivy Carter. Yeah, as in Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy.


The Mighty Company

Gigi Hadid wore one of their custom hand-painted “Hadidas” jackets and the world went nuts. If you can’t even make a decision about what you want in your breakfast cereal, much less a jacket, The Mighty Company makes things slightly easier with four main bespoke options – neon, studs, portraits or words.



If the two above don’t satisfy, there is still Jaydee. Here, designs take on more of a late ’80s to early ’90s character and the range that you can play around with is much, much wider. They’ve got customisable suede fringe jackets, band tees, leather jackets, denim jackets, bandanas and even embroidered Adidas and Levi’s jackets. Street style regulars Chiara Ferragni, Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie are fans.


Skin Inc

Yeah, we’ve got that beauty junkie in your life covered, too. Skin Inc’s cult-favourite My Daily Dose series allows you to essentially create your own skincare by mixing and matching the different ingredient serums according to your needs. Your very own skincare cocktail, if you will. And look – they even have these holiday-appropriate gift sets!



Photo: Louis Vuitton “Louise” bag, EENK personalised leather card holder, Chanel whistle key charm, Albion X Bulgari LEGAME Powder Compact, Gucci sunglasses/YOYOKULALA.com

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