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The Best Places In Singapore To Order Your Takeaway Christmas Feast

Also known as "The Lazy Host's Guide To Feeding Everyone At The Dinner Table Without Lifting A Finger". How does Turkey Masala sound?

It is nine days to Christmas, people! This is not a drill! We know you’re trying your hardest to finish all the work on your plate before the day hits, so allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders. No, we’re not offering to do the proposals and spreadsheets for you – you’re on your own for that, sorry – but if you have a Christmas dinner to plan and you have zero time for it, we’re here to help. Well, the guys we’ve listed below are, anyway.

Forget hours of preparation and waiting by the oven for the turkey to cook. Instead, order in, relax and actually enjoy the holiday you’ve worked so hard for. And if you’re going to order in, you might as well go all out and order the very best that our island’s restaurants have to offer. It is Christmas, after all. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to order your Christmas feasts from, whether it is a unconventional turkey or a full feast you’re looking for. No finger lifting required – except to click “yes” on that order form.

1. Goodwood Park Hotel

The heritage hotel dishes out a unique turkey every year and this year, it is the “Wu Xi” turkey braised with red yeast rice, red dates and spices. It even comes with Shanghai-style fried rice because as any good Asian – born, honorary or otherwise – would know, you just can’t eat braised meat without a side of white rice. Goodwood Park also brings back its Turkey Kueh Pie Tee – fried pastry shells stuffed with turnip, carrots and turkey meat – and Iberico Pork Belly with apple sauce and smoked bacon-infused pork on the side, just in case you need more table fillers.

Order: Five days in advance from here
Feeds: 8 to 10 guests


2. Park Hotel Alexandra

If you don’t like turkey – and that’s totally fine – Park Hotel Alexandra’s Spit-Roasted Chicken from The Carvery is more than good enough as an alternative. The chicken is first marinated overnight and stuffed with tarragon, both inside the cavity and under the skin. A rotating spit guarantees that the natural drippings glaze every curve and corner, giving you a gloriously golden-brown chicken that is so soft and juicy on the inside.

Order: Three days in advance from here
Feeds: 6 guests


3. Grand Hyatt Singapore

You don’t even need to think about your starters and desserts because Grand Hyatt’s takeaway feast takes care of errrrthang in just one order. Prepared by mezza9, the feast includes breads and dips, salad, a shellfish platter of lobster, crab and king prawns, sushi and sashimi, turkey, potatoes and Christmas pudding, making this the most all-rounded takeaway of the lot. In the unlikely event that you need more, the hotel’s white chocolate lemon curd and raspberry log cake is one of our favourites.

Order: Three days in advance from here
Feeds: 10 to 12 guests


4. The Fullerton Hotel

If you’ve ever been to The Fullerton Hotel, you’d know that they take Christmas very seriously over there. While they don’t offer full feasts like the Grand Hyatt, the menu is still pretty extensive and – dare we say – adventurous? For instance, their Lemongrass Rendang turkey is really speaking to our inner Southeast Asian. Then, there’s the Turducken and an entire freakin’ rack of wagyu beef. Throw in a wellington, some champagne ham, mince pies and a gingerbread house and you’ve got a Christmas dinner as good as those you see in postcards.

Order: Three days in advance from here
Feeds: It depends on how much you’re ordering, because the menu is huge


5. Royal Plaza on Scotts

 A rendang turkey not adventurous enough for you? Carousel at Royal Plaza has the Turkey Masala. That’s a turkey stuffed with chicken, mint, cashews, vegetable kurma, tomato butter sauce and served with a side of Jeera Pulao rice. Honestly though, forget turkey and potatoes – turkey and rice! For the rest of the dinner, go old school with veal spare ribs, a seafood plater, panettone and one of Royal Plaza’s Instagram-ready log cakes – Cherry Royale, Citrus Twist or Litchi-licious.

Order: Three days in advance from here
Feeds: 8 to 10 guests


Photo: Collage by YOYOKULALA.com, featuring the Spit-Roasted Chicken Tarragon from Park Hotel Alexandra

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