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5 Podcast And Beauty Pairings That Will Brighten Your Next Pampering Sesh

Once you start the podcast life, you can't go back. Whether you're a pop culture addict or a romantic, these will leave you coming out of your sesh with both brains and skin perked.

They say beauty is only skin deep. While the original intent of the phrase is more toward the likes of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, it can also be applied in a different, more literal manner. Skincare and the art of skin pampering may be treating your skin on the surface and all its ailments, but its effects can go beyond that. It can soothe the mind, it can soothe the senses, it can make what would have been a bad day because you woke up with troubled skin better. Simply put, the effects can be about both the inside and the outside of your being.

So, if the goal of each pampering session is to enrich your skin and senses, why not go a step further and enrich the mind? Of course, nothing too mind-boggling. You are trying to kick back and relax, after all. When you are trying to wind down for the night or you want to relax but not fall asleep, podcasts are tool, because your mind is a little more engaged than with music, and you won’t be stuck with an ear worm that could bother you for the rest of the night.

Whether you’re looking for comedy, popular culture, history or something that is more heart than head – especially after a long work day – turn to these five chart-topping podcast and beauty pairings that will enlighten and brighten your next session of self indulgence.


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

The podcast that has consistently placed high on the charts since its debut and for good reason. Hosted by the very, very beautiful Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye fame, Getting Curious covers a plethora of topics that Van Ness himself is curious about. It can go from immigration policies to dying bees to triple axels to renaissance art to pirates – its a whole gamut. His podcast is extremely informative, but it is also extremely hilarious because of the banters that Van Ness has with his expert guest of the week. Just listening to Van Ness talk is entertaining in itself. Because you probably will be chuckling at the minimum, sheet masks are a no-no. Instead, Fresh’s Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask that is creamy and rich and combats the fine lines that may arise from the constant laughing. Van Ness would approve.


Stuff You Should Know

This is one of the OGs. Like Getting CuriousStuff You Should Know covers a wide variety of topics and genres, but with more structure and depth, though not without some comedy as well as its hosts Chuck and Josh often go off on multiple, very random tangents. Whether it is about Barbie or Charles Manson or Einstein’s brain or pyromania or sleep paralysis, the podcasts tries its best to explain why and how certain things, phenomena and people work – or don’t work, in some cases. You go into it and you come out a little smarter, a little more informed, I guarantee that. For such a fact-heavy podcast, you would need something to perk the senses as your skin heals, like the UMA Oils Ultimate Brightening Face Mask with saffron, cinnamon, orange peel and honey.


Modern Love

If you like your podcast and chill time to be more heart than head, Modern Love is exactly the way to go. Get ready for your heartstrings to be tugged like it were a lute in Elizabethan England. Based on the same-name column from The New York Times, the podcast ropes in celebrities like Kate Winslet, Mandy Moore, Saoirse Ronan, Constance Wu and Jake Gyllenhaal to read essays that paint a picture of what it is like to experience love in this modern age, an age where all is not lost. Dr Sebagh’s Rose de Vie Hydrating Mask freshens and moisturises your skin whilst keeping your mood soothed from the floral scents within.


Part-Time Genius

If you love bite-sized facts, if churning out facts is your party trick, or if you just want a podcast that is light and easy to digest, try Part-Time Genius. Like Getting Curious and Stuff You Should Know, this podcast goes across the board, but the topics it chooses are cuter, quirkier and more everyday, like if spicy foods and coffee make you live longer, or why cats have such a bad reputation, or what is it like to live on Antarctica. For such a quirky podcast, I recommend an equally quirky mask by way of BioBelle’s #Unicornglow Perfect Radiance Mask that has chocolate, mulberry and honey, and drawings of stars, hearts and rainbows on the mask itself.


The Soundtrack Show

If I had to use one word to describe this relatively new podcast, it would be cinematic. Every episode starts with big, soaring orchestra music that immediately puts you in the mood for what is to come. As its name suggest, The Soundtrack Show dissects the history, creative processes, emotions and technical aspects of some of the world’s most recognised soundtracks, be it the score from Star WarsJurassic Park or The Lord of the Rings, or how to spot live sound effects from studio sound effects, or the musical cue for death and doom in Jaws and The Shining. You do not have to know music to enjoy or understand it. (I cannot play a musical instrument to save my life and I get this show, so you will be fine.) For something so cinematic, how about something a little more highbrow? Try Mimi Luzon’s 24K Pure Gold Treatment – famously used by Victoria’s Secret Angels – which will literally have you slapping gold foil onto your skin on top of an anti-wrinkle mask.

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