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Bring the Party to the Table With These Coloured Wine Glasses

Wine connoisseurs who are sticklers for the proper, please look away.

Wine drinking is very proper. Pour, swirl, take a sniff, let it breathe, then, take a sip. Until you’re 3 glasses in. We’re  speaking for the amateur wine guzzlers amongst us. If you’re a wine connoisseur, and a stickler for sipping on wine the right way, we highly recommend that you stop right here. If you decide to go read on anyway – trigger warning! The following might rub you the wrong way.

The real deal wine aficionados take their glassware equally seriously. The pros will have you know that every libation has a glass that works the best for it. But forget all of that, if you’re a drink wine for funsies kinda girl, it’s too much details to pay attention to.

Rather than concern yourself with the technicalities, why not focus on the big picture ie. the aesthetic of the glasses instead. Tinted in sprightly hues and shaped with delicate details, these glassware bring the party to the table. And whether your guests are into the art of wine drinking, these vessels would surely excite even the sober. Also, not forgetting the brownie hostess with the mostest points for feeding the camera first.

Tom Dixon Tank wine glasses

La DoubleJ X Salviati set of eight Murano wine glasses

Louisa Beccaria pink set of two Prestige wine glasses

Campbell-Rey X Laguna B set of two Cosima wine glasses

R+D.LAB X Lee Mathews set of two Luisa wine glasses


Estelle coloured wine stemware

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