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We Are Looking For New Team Members, And It Could Be YOU

We're looking for writers and interns. If you have what it takes, hit us up with your résumé and portfolio, pronto!

Ever wanted to be part of Team KULALA? With the risk of sounding like an infomercial – well, now you can! No, but seriously. YOYOKULALA.com is growing and expanding by the day, and we’re looking for team members who will work with us to create even greater content.

As a part of Team KULALA, you’ll be involved in planning and crafting content for our website and social media channels. If you think you’ve got the chops, send your full resume and portfolio (where relevant) to us at [email protected]. We’re looking for applicants to fill the following positions:

Senior Writer & Content Editor

As a senior writer and content editor with YOYOKULALA.com, you will be involved in creating both editorial and visual content, covering major industry events and releases, contributing and organising quality ideas for our monthly editorial line-up and brainstorming strategies for our client collaborations. We’re looking for team players!

Applicants must have experience working in the fashion editorial field, a good command of written and spoken English, a flair for writing and crafting content for a digital audience, and must be well-versed in Adobe Photoshop and the various social media platforms. They must also possess up-to-date knowledge of the content categories covered on YOYOKULALA.com, especially fashion. This is a full-time position and for applicants based in Singapore only.

Send us your resume/CV, portfolio and relevant writing samples here.



Ever wondered how all of *this* works? When you intern with us, you’ll be providing assistance to the various aspects of YOYOKULALA.com, from shoots and editorial content to events and project coordination. As interns will be involved in the editorial side of the platform, applicants are required to be proficient at Adobe Photoshop, have a good command of written and spoken English and must be based in Singapore.

Send us your resume/CV and availability here. Internships will take place over a minimum of three months.

To all who are interested, we look forward to hearing from you! We regret to inform that only successful applicants will be notified. If you’d like to join the team on a smaller scale because you have life to deal with in the day, or the openings listed above aren’t quite your cup of tea, give KULALA Beauty Club a go. Everybody else, we’ll see you in our inbox! Good luck!

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