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Everything We Know About Chanel’s “Mademoiselle Prive” Exhibition

We're in Seoul for the exhibition's big reveal and judging from what we've heard, the word "stoked" would be an understatement.

Hello from Seoul! We’re here in the Land of Kimchi, Kimbap & Various Other Delicious Things to experience the soon to be revealed “Mademoiselle Prive”, an exhibition inspired by everything Gabrielle Chanel loved and Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of the Chanel story.

We haven’t seen it – if you’re reading this fresh from the oven, we’re probably at the exhibition right now – but we heard it is going to be stunning. Imagine four floors teeming with haute couture, references to “Bijoux de Diamants”, the only high jewellery collection Gabrielle Chanel ever created, and just oodles and doodles of Chanel’s house codes, spruced with Korean touches here and there. Basically if you’re a hardcore aficionado of the house, it’s your personal piece of heaven. Here’s all the intel we have on it so far (until we bury our noses deep into it all, that is):


#1: Seoul’s D Museum Will Host “Mademoiselle Prive” For A Month

The exhibition kicks off on June 23 at the D Museum in Yongsan-gu (that’s where the Namsan Tower is!) and will close on July 19, so you have a little under a month to get yourself to Seoul. The last “Mademoiselle Prive” was held in London, but we’ve been told the concept in Seoul will be completely different. Intrigued?


#2: Gabrielle Chanel’s Favourite Things Will Be Everywhere

Everything from her lucky charms, favourite colours, patterns and figures. There will plenty of camellia’s including a showcase of the flower reinterpreted by Korean artist Jiyong Lee.


#3: Chanel Nº5 Will Have Its Own Floor

A grand tribute to one of the best-selling fragrances in the world 96 years on. Not only will you get to see all the important ingredients that go into making the scent that Marilyn Monroe ditched a nightgown for, all of them will be stored in glass vials which in turn are arranged in a specially designed pipe organ. Can you say Instagram?


#4: Look Out For The Staircases

Every Chanel fan worth her salt will be familiar with that image of Gabrielle Chanel waiting by her famous staircase at 31 rue Cambon. In its own way, the staircase qualify as a Chanel code. Keep your eye out for the staircases at the entrance and the one between the M1 and M2 level. The first will feature a ceiling inspired by Chanel’s collection of Coromandel screens and the second a 3D-stitched canvas cover.


#5: Scrutinise Every Detail of Chanel’s Haute Couture

Chanel flew in 12 haute couture dresses for the exhibition and we’re told they will be arranged in an “x-ray” style. Again – CAN YOU SAY INSTAGRAM?!


#6: Get Acquainted With Chanel’s Current Crop of Muses

A Hall of Fame of sorts, featuring portraits of seventeen actresses in haute couture and re-editions of the “Bijoux de Diamants” collection, and polaroids of everyone from G-Dragon to Caroline de Maigret, also wearing pieces from the collection, but exhibited for the first time anywhere.


#7: There’s A Mini Atelier On The Fourth Floor

Not 31 rue Cambon in the flesh, but there will be workshops that highlight the Nº5, high jewellery and the craft of the Lesage and Lemarie, the two ateliers that create Chanel’s embroideries and feather and flower embellishments.


#8: It’s Open To Everyone

Uh huh, said in the sassiest of ways. If you are in Seoul or will be in the next few weeks, grab your phone, download the Chanel “Mademoiselle Prive” app and make your viewing reservation tout de suite.


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