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Is It Just Me or Are Checks Everywhere?

Surely, it isn't the Instagram algorithm playing tricks on my eyes. From mugs, rugs, vases, chairs, nails – yes, the ones on your fingers – it's raining checks.

When I first notice a trend on Instagram, I instinctively talk myself out of it. It has to be the algorithm playing its tricks on me, the intuitive interface toggling with my feed, or perhaps just a figment of my imagination. Yet, over time, the recesses of mind subconsciously pick up evidence along the way. The last time this happened – it led me to one of the most prominent chairs made in design history.

It’s an occupational hazard. Camping on the ‘gram for the down low on the who’s who and what’s what makes you hyperalert to the stuff that’s making the rounds. Read: I’m up there with my social media stalking skills. I might not be able to pinpoint the first time I started noticing checkered everything all over the ‘gram but I clearly remember the moment it was made legitimate.

I draw your memory back to when Gigi Hadid showed off her baby bump to the world for the first time in an Instagram live sesh. During which, she wore a lime green checkered pyjama set. That was it. Even if checks weren’t a thing prior, they were now about to become one. Not plaid. Not tartan. Checks, specifically.

It extended beyond the wardrobe, too. Mugs, rugs, vases, chairs, nails – yes, the ones on your fingers – it basically rained checks. Not always in classic black and white, the chameleon of a print also took on an array of spiritly hues but no matter the colour, it sent cameras clickin’.

And in hindsight, you wouldn’t quite have to worry about what would become of the checkered pieces post the days of its Instagram stardom. Think about it –  have you met a pair of checkered vans that have gone out of fashion? You can abandon caution and take your picks from this shopping (check)list. Which ones are you ticking off?

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