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These Dining Spots Make A Convincing Case For #CleanEating

We've got your next hang-out spot covered, right on schedule. It doesn't hurt that they're pretty on the inside too.

In a way, clean, wholesome eating is kind of like the new brunch and a plant-based smoothie is the new drip coffee. The good ones are hard to find, the same way how brunch and all-day breakfast spots were several years ago, and when we do find one, copius Instagramming follows, complete with an essay of hashtags. #vegan #slowcooking #newyearnewme

Unlike the brunch spots though – which seem to be just about EVERYWHERE on our little island – clean eating spots in Singapore are a real dime in a dozen. It also tends to get a less than enthusiastic response compared to a plate of waffles, poached eggs and candied bacon. If you’re thinking of a plate of raw greens with a dressing that’s basically water on the side, you’re probably not alone.

Thank the #cleaneating lords for Afterglow and Grain Traders! While still serving plenty of greens and grains, the former, a little vegan café in the hipster half of Outram Park, and the latter, a chill, pick-and-choose spot in the CBD, are here to change your minds. They’re here to prove that food that is good, and I mean properly good for you, can be, well, good. Dispel all thoughts of plain ol’ salads and quinoa bowls because things are far more interesting at Afterglow and Grain Traders.

At Afterglow, the chefs like to have a little fun. Sure, they have the salads, but they also have things like deconstructed sushi and “raw” taco bowls, walnut “meatballs” and raw vegan “nut” cheese platters. They all taste so pretty damn legit that it’s easy to forget they’re meatless. And the raw chocolate salted caramel fudge cake? Goodness, gracious me. How is it possible that no flour, eggs, sugar or milk were involved in its creation?

Grain Traders is a little different with its pick-and-choose concept, starting first with a choice grain, followed by a protein, two veggies and a sauce. Everything is grilled, seared and roasted fresh on that day itself, and it’s all from quality ingredients. Think of it as a Western version of the Chinese cai fan, except, you won’t find any sugar-loaded white rice here. It’s a little on the pricey end for a grab-and-go place, but trust us, you’ll get a bang for your buck and all that balanced nutrition you need because the portions are HUGE. Half for lunch, half for dinner. Problem solved.

So, heading down to these two spots this weekend? Let us know what you think of them in the comments below. In the meantime, we’ll continue to bug the good people at Afterglow to bottle that nut cheese. Pleeeeease.

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