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The Easiest Takeaway From Couture Week

Think there's nothing to learn from the most extravagant week on the fashion calendar? Think again.

Couture Week is filled to the brim with calorie-free eye candy, but it is easy to dismiss the whole thing as unaccessible. I mean, when am I going to ever need a dress with a skirt that is too big to fit through the door and costs more than all my limbs combined? In my dreams, where I reenact Rihanna’s Giambattisa Valli moment from the Grammy Awards, perhaps?

Look past all those big dresses and you will see that there are things to learn from the runways at Couture Week. While all those expertly crafted museum-worthy pieces don’t offer much in the everyday wardrobe styling department, one can still pin them to a wedding mood board. Plus, couture pieces have been known to make their way down to the ready-to-wear collections – like these killer embroidered sock boots from Fendi’s Haute Fourrure – so they aren’t all 100% inaccessible.

There’s the makeup, too. (We’ve got the exact deets that went into creating Chanel’s Spring Couture ’17 runway beauty look, FYI.) But the easiest takeaway that often gets overlooked? The design of the couture runway sets. This season, Chanel and Dior served plenty of extravagant yet surprisingly achievable interior decorating ideas. Ditch the IKEA catalogue honey, we’re playing the big leagues.

Chanel’s entire set was filled with mirrors – a shoutout to the atelier on Rue Cambon – punctuated with occasional glass vases of towering arum lilies. A room of mirrors is a safety hazard, but a mirror room divider with a bowl of arum lilies on the floor? Sure thang.

Dior, on the other hand, showed us exactly what to do with all those bits and bobs and trinkets and baubles you have lying around: hang them up. The world is your Christmas tree. At Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first-ever couture show for Dior, the creative director decorated trees with an assortment of ribbons, lightbulbs, pearls, bells, cards and…is that a fork? It is like the high fashun equivalent of Ariel’s treasure trove. You want thingamabobs? I’ve got A-PLENTY.

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