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5 Steps (And A Bunch of Things) To An Instagram-Worthy Vanity Table

With the new year and the impending spring cleaning it brings, take the chance to morph your vanity into one that you can selfie the heck out with. It's easy!

In Chinese culture, a new year and its superstitions typically bring about a little to a lot of cleaning and reorganising. While it is a means to look less embarrassing to whoever who comes to visit when Chinese New Year rolls around – for our friends across the Atlantic, think of it as Thanksgiving Day on repeat for 15 days – it is also about chasing away the bad joo-joo of the previous year and to allow the good things to come in.

With that, and the theme of everyone’s new year being the chance to start on a fresh slate, now is the perfect time to work towards that living space you have pinned to your mental Pinterest board. That means tossing old makeup containers, mugs you haven’t touched in weeks, Post-Its from three months ago, etcetera etcetera.

Because the way you get ready can set the tone of the day, we’re turning our focus to ultimate getting-ready station: the vanity. The one riddled with used cotton pads, skincare you used once and never again, lipsticks that should have been tossed a year ago. Don’t feel bad – a stuffed kangaroo toy, old gift wrappers from Christmas, a plastic tiara and a piece of melted chocolate are literally things that reside on my vanity. I’m not even go into why.

To get you (and myself) started, we’ve combed the deep trenches of the web and arrived at five handy and extremely easy tips to arriving at the vanity table of your Instagram and Pinterest dreams. The most important step of them all, though? CLEAR. THE. TRASH.


1. Fake Organise

Gather around your most Ingrammable of plates, bowls, jars and trays and put any loose items in. We’re talking skincare, lipsticks and nail polish. It will instantly look neater and less cluttered without having to actually declutter.



2. Have A Candle Around

Ambience is an important factor that everyone conveniently forgets. There’s almost a candle for every mood or occasion (our favourites here) and the flicker of the flame will definitely help when you unwind after a long day at work.


3.  Add Flowers 

Or plants, if it suits your aesthetic more. Not only will it bring colour to the table but liveliness, too. If you’ve had unpleasant memories with live plants, fake ones would do just fine AND save you money from having to repurchase. Also, no bugs.



4. Display Your Prized Perfumes

Perfumes are often the most effortlessly beautiful thing that you probably already have on your vanity. Put them in little tiered cake stands or trays to showcase them all. Lipsticks, serums or anything you love will work, too. Pretty packaging should never go to waste. Check out some of our favourite fragrances here.


5. All The Small Things

The smallest knick knacks often make the biggest difference and can add personality and a bit of fun into it. A tiny ceramic horse for your rings, a gold-framed glass box, even a porcelain canister to hold your cotton pads. Even the functional, larger things, like lamps, books – which can double as shelves – and table mirrors can add to your aesthetic.



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