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5 Expensive(ish) Spends I Will Probably Go For Again And Again

Even though no one understands why, from a face mist that puts off everyone around me to a toothbrush that costs way more than a toothbrush should.

There are some expensive things you pay for because you’re in a pampering mood and there are some expensive things you pay for because you need it. Wisdom tooth extractions (why the HECK are they so expensive), good running shoes so you don’t fall into a ditch, a laptop, almond milk because the internet says soy milk is bad and you’re lactose intolerant. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

There are also things that fall between the two: you need something like it – “need” like “I need to eat” and not “need” like “I need these shoes” – but you splurge just a bit more to get more in return. Not quite a splurge, but not quite a need either.

Recently I discovered that I’m guilty of purchasing such things. Expensive things that make sense even though cheaper alternatives exist. And because I’m so sold on whatever they bring to the table, and they have somewhat of a shelf life, I probably will go for them again. It one of those “once you go XX, you can’t go back” situations. These are my guilty-yet-not-so-guilty spending pleasures that I genuinely think you should get behind.


#1: Foreo ISSA Play Toothbrush

I only started using this because I desperately needed a new toothbrush and this was just lying around in a press pack. I had no prior expectations, but the moment I tried it for first time? Woah. Look, there are soft toothbrushes, and then there are Foreo’s silicone bristles. I have sensitive gums and every other toothbrush leaves my gums feeling raw. Foreo not only feels like you have a mini masseuse on your gums,but it cleans so effectively. Most electronic toothbrushes spin and vibrate, this one emits soft, gentle yet rapid pulses. It does all the work, you just have to move it around. I saw my family dentist after six months of using the ISSA Play and for the first time in my adult life, he didn’t throw shade about the state of my gums. Victory! Forking out S$79.90 for a toothbrush is quite insane, but the ISSA Play is designed to last an entire year. There’s no need to charge it, either.


#2: Popflex Active Suede Yoga Mat

Of all the exercise mats I’ve tried in the last couple of years – major sportswear brands included – none of them come close to this one by Popflex Active. (It is the brainchild of Cassey Ho, a widely recognised fitness instructor on YouTube.) For one, it is light and thin, which makes it easy to carry around. For two, it is so comfortable yet sturdy despite how it looks, whether you’re doing mountain climbers or on your back doing ab bikes. It just does not budge, even on smooth floors. Mats with good grips are not uncommon, but they’re typically bulkier, heavier and rubbery. Not my cup of tea. If you add shipping, Popflex Active’s mat comes up to a little over S$90, which is quite pricey for a mat, but one good mat is better than buying three subpar ones. Plus, I know this one is going to stick around with me for a bit.


#3: Chanel Le Lift Firming Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitaliser

It usually takes some time before you notice any benefits from the eye cream or serum you’re using. Chanel’s Flash Eye Revitaliser only takes minutes. It is effective to the point that it might be a little ridiculous. Just roll on the serum around your eye 10 times, slap on the gel patches for 10 minutes and remove. Every time I use the pair of them, I physically feel my weary eyes open up more – thus making me feel and look more awake – and the under-eye region tighten. At S$150 for a box of 10 sheets and the serum, the Flash Eye Revitaliser is extremely pricey indeed. But, it works actual wonders, so I keep it for very special occasions or on mornings where I cannot even pry open my eyes, whether it is because I’ve had no sleep or too much MSG the night before.


#4: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

You either hate it with every fibre of your being or you love it. I happen to love it, whether it is to prep my skin for my nighttime routine, kill the smell of stale in-flight air or wake myself up in the middle of the day. While the Beauty Elixir does contain quite a number of plant extracts, it doesn’t really look like much. It just looks like fancy water, especially when it’s sitting in the travel-sized bottle that comes up to S$22. The regular bottle is S$69. Yeee-up. I go through a bottle every two months which sounds excessive, but I love a good face mist and I haven’t found one that really wakes me up quite the same way Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir does. (If we’re talking about a mist that cools the skin and moisturises like a serum, however, Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Essence Mist is the way to go.)


#5: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Racerback Bra

At anywhere between S$30 to S$50 (it depends on where you’re getting it from, Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Net-a-Porter all price the bra differently), Calvin Klein’s iconic cotton bra does not sound like that much of a splurge as quality bras don’t typically come cheap. But think about it: this one has no padding, no wiring, no fancy lace and is essentially a t-shirt in bra form with an elastic band. Still, it is comfortable and breathable like no other and THAT elastic band. I don’t know how Calvin Klein does it, but even though the band is so stretchy, it snaps right back into place on the body and it never loses its elasticity – ever.


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