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Disposable Film Cameras Are the Accessory to Add to Your Summer Packing List

Take it from Tinseltown's millennial set, never miss a moment with a film camera on hand.

As an inhabitant of Instagram, you’re probably already familiar with the disposable camera photo-app Huji Cam. An alphabet away from Fujifilm (coincidence? we think not), Huji Cam slaps on film camera quintessentials – random streaks of light leak, inaccurate timestamps and grain – onto an iPhone photo. For a couple of months, the look of a film photo achieved through the convenience of a few clicks was THE trending aesthetic on Instagram.

Off the ‘gram grid, film photography has also seen a resurgence amongst the millennial set. Did the rise of vintage camera apps spark this interest or vice-versa? The answer to that, like the chicken and egg story, is inconclusive. Regardless, analogue photography is a blast from the past that’s here to stay. Late last year, fashion’s golden girl Gigi Hadid started a second Instagram account dedicated to film photos. Frank Ocean documented the 2019 Met Gala with a Contax T3 35mm film camera. Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram feed is no stranger to film photos. The girls of Korean pop sensation Black Pink are also known to have taken to film photography.

It’s every cool kid’s not-so-new “new” hobby. Film photography could be a whole lotta fun. You’d never know what you’re going to get until you go through an entire roll of film and then develop it. It’s a whole process but SO worth it. By the time the photos reach you, most of them end up being pleasant surprises of moments you can hardly recall. Rather than the carefully manicured and posed for photos from your phones, the candid appeal and nostalgia of film photos is a feeling you can’t quite replicate. Happy accidents, too, are aplenty!

To dip your toes into film photography, start easy with disposable film cameras. Basically idiot-proof, all you really have to do is point and shoot. As lightweight as cameras come, disposable cameras are fuss-free to carry around with you. Ready to capture candid moments that you can relive later?


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