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4 Funny Female Illustrators You Need To Follow Pronto

Forget Instagram accounts about cats and latte art. From pop culture-meets-fashion puns to adult puberty blues, these ladies prefer to tell it as it is.

Instagram – or rather, social media in general – gets a lot of flak for turning us all into anti-social robots who suffer from the occasional bout of tech neck. But for millennial creatives, Instagram gets them an audience at a rate that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. It is thanks to Instagram that we are constantly discovering talented and highly entertaining artists and illustrators that have us going “Same, same, same” every time we scroll through their feed. Cat memes? As Hilary Duff once said, so yesterday. Here’s who you should be filling your Instagram feed with instead.

Samantha Rothenberg

Speaking through the character Violet Clair, Rothenberg describes the perils of being a millennial-ish woman as she navigates relationships, post-adolescent puberty, emotions and couch weekends through pastel-tinted lenses. Whether it’s about period pains or botched manicures, her feed will have you saying “Oh my god, this is my life.”


Julie Houts

You’ll love how spot-on and brutally honest she is about the female mind, whether it’s about sending passive aggressive texts, the tortures of wearing a romper or trolling the attendees at the recent Met Gala. Houts’ leading lady is also drawn with a couple of tummy rolls, because #keepingitreal. Almost like a modern Cinderella, complete with rats as her handymen!


Nina Cosford

We have The Cut to thank for this recent discovery. A little more mellow than the other ladies on our list, but no less entertaining, Cosford’s thing is to breakdown stereotypical outfits that millennials like to wear, say, “The Granny-Toddler”, “The London” and our favourite, “The Perfect Bun”. Also, if you’re a fan of HBO’s Girls, you’ll love her tribute art.


Angelica Hicks

We love a good fashion and pop culture pun and Hicks has plenty up her sleeves. In fact, Gucci loved her work so much that they commissioned her to create a capsule t-shirt collection. You’ll love her Instagram Stories, too.


All images via Instagram

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