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Now That Game of Thrones Is (Almost) Over, Let’s Talk Style

Daenerys is obviously the best dressed person in Westeros, but wait! There's more! Here, we unpack the costumes of the penultimate season.

Um, how is it the end of yet another season of Game of Thrones already? It seems like just yesterday that Drogon torched an entire field of Lannister soldiers and that Olenna a.k.a. The Queen of Thorns and Sass revealed to Jaime that she had a part to play in Joffrey’s death. Ah, good times, good times.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the season finale can be summed up in one word: satisfying. That’s all I’m going to say. This space is a spoiler-free zone. Well, spoiler free for the most part. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens for a while, best get the seven hells away. You have three seconds.

Ever since the untimely death of Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister embracing her inner goth last season, the costumes on Game of Thrones have been, well, a little drab. What happened to Cersei’s metal corset from Season 3 and the off-the-shoulder dresses of Season 5? Or Dany’s array of cut-out dresses? Even Missandei’s ditched the cropped bralet and halter necks.

To be fair, cut-outs aren’t the most practical of options considering that winter has finally arrived in Westeros after six seasons. Dany also isn’t in Essos anymore, which meant bye-bye summer dresses and hello layers. (Apparently the only people who didn’t get the memo about the weather were the Sand Snakes. Winter is here you say? Kaftans and bikini tops it is!)

Just when I thought we’d be getting yet another black, brown or grey leather coat to add to the show’s endless supply of black, brown and grey leather coats, the Mother of Dragons swoops in wearing a stunning white fur coat from the Targaryen Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Is that a subconscious homage to Fendi’s debut Haute Fourrure collection we see there? Those contours! The panelling! The shoulders! Sorry Marg, but I think Dany has claimed the title of “Best Dressed in Westeros” for good.

On closer inspection, the costumes of Season 7 aren’t all that meh. Not as good as the seasons before, but credit should be given where credit is due. There were still some wins. Take for instance that intricate metal brooch-chain on every Dany look and her newfound preference for the Targaryen colours of red and black. Sansa’s diamond-check dress with that extended ring necklace. Arya’s clever one-shoulder cape that still allows her to swing a couple of swords and daggers. Cersei’s turtleneck gowns. Tycho Nestoris (a.k.a. The Iron Bank guy) and his Hillier Bartley-esque rope tassel belt. Missandei’s asymmetrical leather vest with a cut-out at the back, as though suggesting that she too will one day sprout wings and fly.

These, along with a countless number of other factors, are reasons why why Game of Thrones is the greatest television series in human history. Now, please excuse me as retreat into a dark corner and cry about the end of the season and the fact that we have to wait almost two years for the next one. It’s like Ned Stark and Drogo dying all over again.

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