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How Five Girl Bosses Stay Positive When The Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough, you pick up your ammo and soldier on. From a good team to just good coffee, these power women tell us how they find the eye in the hurricane.

Building a business from scratch is a polarising feeling: it is empowering on one hand and daunting on another. It doesn’t take being a businesswoman to know that building an empire to call your own can be one filled with just as many highs and lows.

Still, to quote one of my favourite musical numbers from Hamilton i.e. one of the greatest pop cultural products of our time, look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now. Women are rising up, taking charge and exhibiting how powerful womanhood can be. It is beautiful and it is inspiring.

We’re so blessed to know and be surrounded by so many strong power women who juggle so many different hats at once and still have it all together. How do they do it? We spoke to five to find out.


LIZ UY (@lizzzuy)

Digital Entrepreneur & Stylist, StyLIZed Studio

“I start with getting a great and loyal team who help me get through the daily grind. I try to do yoga and swim as much as I can so I have ME time – either in the morning or after work – to destress and calm myself. I maintain work-life-momma balance, the key to living my best life! Lastly, and most importantly, I throw positivity out to the universe! The energy you put out there helps direct what energy comes back.”


RACHEL LIM (@ms_rach)

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Love, Bonito

“I make a habit to intentionally think of three things that I am grateful for at the end of every day. I’ve realised that this habit has helped me find and seek the good in everything, no matter how bleak a situation I’m in or how bad a day I’ve had. It also helps me refocus and change my perspective on things. I also surround myself and spend time with people who love me enough to be honest with me, recharge me and lift my spirits!”


René Chu (@reveeyewear)

Founder & Creative Director, Revé By René

“When I need to destress, I go boxing. Boxing allows me to clear my head and not think about work for an hour. I also put my phone down after work. It’s hard, but ultimately, it really helps to detach from work or social media.”


JAIME LEE (@jaim)

Founder & Creative Director, The Paper Bunny

“When things get rough and start to feel overwhelming, I stop and say a prayer! I also grab a cup of coffee, take a step back and choose to count my blessings, appreciate how far we have come and remind myself of all the things we have instead of what we don’t. Reminding myself that the down times will pass also spurs me on to keep pressing on through the difficult moments. I try to take time out to exercise despite the endless to-do list, because feeling good about myself helps me to see everything in a brighter perspective.”


LELIAN CHEW (@lelianchew)

Founder, The Wedding Atelier & The Floral Atelier

“Staying positive is easy if you only surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. Supportive cheerleaders who believe in you even when you don’t. Constructive critics who lay down the hard truth because the want you to do better.”


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