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6 Foolproof Ways To Create Stunning Floral Arrangements

It's easier than you think – and we got local floral design studio Bloomers & Makers to create three beautiful bloom vases to prove it.

We don’t have to explain the appeal of fresh flowers to you. Whether it’s jazzing up a living space or a flatlay for Instagram, fresh flowers have that ability to be instant visual pick-me-ups. Bring them into the picture, both figuratively and literally, and everything just seems a little less morose, a little less bleah. (We’re constantly looking for flower-covered photo spots, in case you haven’t noticed.)

But it goes without saying that fresh flowers are quite high maintenance. They can be pricey, too. Faux flowers, on the other hand, require zero care save for the occasional dusting, and if you squint just a little, they can look sort of real. Sort of. Well, from a distance. Still, when the faux is placed next to the lustrous, vibrant real, there’s no competition. The next time you have a dinner party, grab some fresh blooms and see how they can change a space.

It doesn’t have to be a bunch of the same flower, either. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not half as fun as a bouquet of mixed blooms and foliage. You can get a fuss-free, ready-made one from a florist, but if you’re feeling particularly hands-on, why not make your own? To get you started, we tasked Melody (whom you may also know as @meowiie on Instagram) from Singapore-based flower design studio Bloomers & Makers to create three easy arrangements – two rustic, one minimal – that require no more than four types of flora or foliage each. We also got her to share some tips and tricks, so you don’t have to panic the next time you get home from the flower market.

1. Mix Them Up

“Choose large and small flowers in various shapes, lengths and textures. Also, include some foliage that will make good fillers for your arrangement. Many flowers are available all year round so it’s great to be able to select flowers that are in season for a more unique arrangement.”


2. Give It TLC, ASAP

“Place flowers in lukewarm water as soon as you get home and add flower food. The flower food prevents bacteria and keeps your flowers fresh. Clean up your stalks, remove any low level leaves and if you’re using roses, carefully de-thorn your stalks. You may do so with clippers. This is to give them stems more room in your arrangement.”


3. Hold The Trimming

“Do not cut your stems to your desired length before you arrange your flowers. Using some florist scissors if you have any, cut your stems close to the end about an inch diagonally or 45-degree angle and place them in water.”


4. Criss Cross Is Key

“Arrange your flowers in a cross-cross fashion. Start by placing the large flowers towards the center and the small flowers in the outer areas. Add in the foliage gradually as you go. Pay attention to height and shape by arranging taller stems near the top and back.”


5. Go Slow With The Scissors

“When you are satisfied with your arrangement, using your hand, gently hold the arrangement at the stems below the blooms and use the vase to measure your desired length before using florist scissors to cut the stems. It is always better to cut less of the stems and slowly work your way to your desired length. Place them in your vase.”


6. Switch Things Up

“Instead of using a conventional vase, use mason jars or any old jars you find in your pantry as vases. You can even use teapots or teacups. My tips for a relaxed flower arrangement is to just use your instinct and go for something effortless.”


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