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How To Transform Your Room Without Really Doing Anything To It

It's all about seeing your walls as more than just background for everything else in the space. Marble! Leaves! Flamingos! In collaboration with Craft Axis.

A couple of fashion weeks ago, Candice and I attended a press party along rue Saint Honore in Paris. It was in an old apartment building and what we couldn’t stop noticing – and taking many pictures of, old habit – was how quirky yet elegant the space was. The windows and floors had an old-school charm, but it was the pink and blue wallpapers featuring toucans and tropical flora that really gave the space character. It was lively, but it was cosy and classy.

Then, the next fashion week came. This time, we were in Milan and in one of the most ornate presentation spaces we saw that season. Again, we noticed the wallpaper – moody and textured, and made to look like tapestry. The clothes were beautiful, but we couldn’t stop looking at the interiors. The unique walls tied it altogether.

When the time came for me to start creating my baby’s room, I decided that I wanted to transform the space I already had. I wanted it to have character, but still look cosy at the same time for Luca. So, I roped in wallpaper specialist Craft Axis. Quality wallpaper is one thing, but what is really great about their range – they get theirs from Europe, Japan, Korea and the US, and they do customisations – is that they had so many options that had texture. Depth. It looked more than just a pattern on a paper. Very different from the tacky image that comes to mind when you think of wallpapers.

For Luca’s room, I chose a subtle grey houndstooth wallpaper that is cute yet versatile and can adapt with the future changes in his room as he grows. If he doesn’t like it when he’s older, we can easily change it. (I was worried that the fresh wallpaper would leave a smell in the room, but there was none of that. The installation was so fast and flawless, too.)

For our living room, on the other hand, I wanted something a little more striking. I love a marble wall, but instead of actually putting in a giant slab of marble, a wallpaper is more convenient and cost efficient. I went for white with gold marbling to match the warm and gold tones in my furniture. If I change my mind in five years, not a problem. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go through a tropical phase. See more of Craft Axis and their selection here.

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