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If Horror Films Don’t Faze You, Try These Psychological Thrillers Instead

If even hardcore horror flicks do not faze your brave heart, perhaps, these mind-bending psychological thrillers might do the trick for you this Halloween.

There are two kinds of people in the world – the ones who watch spooky movies through the crevices of their fingers firmly shut over their eyes and the others who’ve sat through enough horror films that nothing can phase them at this point. We find ourselves in the latter category. The blood, the gore, the body contortions, we can easily sit through it all – eyes wide open. Our tween-selves would be so proud.

At some point, the stereotypical scare tactics stopped working on us. Sure, we love the classics but when we’re in the mood to actually get scared, nightmare-inducing tales that hit closer to home do the trick. Rather than employ cheap scare tactics, psychological thrillers amplify the grim realities of humanity by deep-diving into the darkest parts of our minds. Murder, mental health, addiction – the themes are heavy and hard-hitting. Even without the jump scares and caricatures of the supernatural at play, the mind-bending plotlines of psychological thrillers evoke just as much fear in our adult minds. At times, its after-effects linger on for days on end.

We’re going down a dark path here but you can hold our hands through it. If you’re looking for something other than the usual line-up of horror flicks that just no longer have any effect on you, these psychological thrillers might just give you the scare-fest you might be itching for.

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