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Lifestyle • February 1, 2017

In A Nutshell: The January Edition

by Team Yoyokulala
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We don’t want to be that person who says “OMG, is it February already?” but how is it February already? To help you keep track of everything going on at Team KULALA, we’re launching a series called “In A Nutshell”. Whether it is a condensed list of the top stories of the month, a peek into a day in our cray-cray lives, or just something we’d rather use visuals and links to talk about, we’re leaving it all here for your easy viewing pleasure.

We finally launched KULALA Beauty Club where we got you to review Estee Lauder’s Victoria Beckham Collection, four NARS Audacious Lipstick shades and Dior’s Capture Totale Dream Skin collection. Two new “Best of Beauty” episodes were released here and here, because we’ve clearly been shopping too much.


Features with Nylon Singapore and Vogue China’s Vogue Me were also released.


We showed you how to work the new logomania into your wardrobe and a fresh new way to wear red.


Parents are apparently very “of the moment”, what with the comeback of the dad cap and the giant sleeves from the ’80s. We also scrutinised the costumes in ’80 coming-of-age classic “Pretty In Pink”.


The topic of wardrobe essentials was explored here (where we talked about how much one should spend on a leather jacket), here (on why you should leave your shirt sleeves uncuffed) and here (on the best Little Black Bags to spend your January paycheque on).


Finally, we sought to make your mornings a little less miserable with the sleeping masks and lip masks that we swear by, dry shampoos that let you skip the morning shower and sunscreens that won’t turn your makeup into a slippery mess. We’ve thrown in five outfit ideas to consider, too, just in case.


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