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House Tour: Inside My Scandinavian-Boho Inspired Home

Welcome inside my humble abode! Minimalistic yet warm and inviting, furnished with generous touches of wood, wicker and gold, it's my Scandinavian-bohemian fantasy come alive.

If you know me, you’d know that when my schedule is not packed back-to-back with work-related travel or out and about shooting for projects, I am quite the home body. It’s my safe haven – where I seek respite from the hustle and bustle of it all. Given that work takes me away so frequently, it was so important for me to create a space where I could kick back, unwind and get in that quality time with the family at home.

Putting the house together, I was well aware that it was no longer just about me. I was building a sanctuary for my family to grow into and with over the years. Because of how deeply personal I felt a project like designing a home was, I decided to do it all by myself. Thankfully, I had a clear vision and moodboard to lead the way from the get go.

Inspiration came in the form of my travels and of course endless hours of trawling through the internet and Instagram. I knew I wanted a modern home that was simple at its core but not without a little hint of character. The two separate schools of interior design that ticked both my boxes were Scandinavian and bohemian. You’d notice that my home decor leans towards the more minimalist end of things. I find crowded spaces stress-inducing and it’s also not the safest when you have a toddler in the house. For instance, in my living room, I’ve kept the decor to little more than my leather brown sofa, two wicker chairs and a bench on either end, a marble coffee table and a neutral carpet to visually bring all the elements together.

The tropical touches around the house come in the form of plants I have scattered around the house. They just make a living space that much more inviting, don’t you think? The other obvious island influence you’d see in my bedroom balcony. Complete with rattan furniture and lemon trees, it’s my tropical fantasy come to live. Having a slice of a holiday in my balcony is a visual cue for me to put my feet up and kick back – a getaway without actually getting away.

At this point, I would consider the house entirely complete but the decorating never really ends. I am now that lady who gets excited about home furniture and plants. I’ll walk you through my favourite places to shop for furniture in a separate post so keep your eyes peeled for that one! And, if you had missed my earlier room diary where I took you guys inside Luca’s baby room, you can find that here.

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