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ROOM DIARIES: Kim Jones on Beauty Routines & Rubik’s Cubes

We caught up with the digital influencer, better known as @kimcamjones, during Fashion Week Australia.

Packing for any trip that’s over a week long is a headache for some, and when you have fashion week thrown into the picture, the situation tends to get a little bit chaotic. Then, there’s the whole business of turning your hotel room into your prep parlour for the week without actually wrecking the place. Kim Jones, better known as @kimcamjones, has got it all under control, though. Clothes, electronics, accessories and beauty necessities – they all had their own little corner in her room at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. We caught up with the Brit-born, Adelaide-bred – but has called the Philippines her home since 2010 – digital influencer during Fashion Week Australia to talk about her go-to spots in Sydney, her travel must-haves and her swear-by beauty products of the moment. And yeah, we also poked our noses into her luggage – with her blessing, of course.

Favourite spots in Sydney?
Go to Bread & Circus for brunch, Parlour X for shopping, Icebergs at Bondi at sunset (or any of the eastern suburb beaches) and obviously climb Sydney Harbour Bridge!


What’s your long-haul flight survival guide?
WATER. And a lot of it. I just tell the flight crew to leave the giant bottles of water with me. It’s shocking how dehydrated my skin gets on a flight. I was recently introduced to Cosmedix’s Rescue Balm – I slather it on my face on the plane and sleep in it. I look terrifyingly shiny but it works wonders. And good headphones. Sometimes I just leave them on unplugged to keep out the noise.


You travel very often for work. How do you take care of your skin on long trips?
Deciphering the intricacies of my skin and how it reacts to travelling is a process of trial and error. Mostly error. I’ve found a great skin specialist in Sydney who taught me a lot about skin and how to care for it. I’m prone to breakouts, so it’s important for me to hydrate without congesting my skin. I think before anything, you have to really determine your skin type and go from there.


What are the beauty products you swear by?
Coconut oil, Garnier’s Micellar Water, sunscreen and Cosmedix Rescue Balm. The first is great as a body moisturiser, the second removes even the toughest makeup without an oil residue. Sunscreen, well, for obvious reasons, and the last for dehydrated skin.


The five things you always take with you on trips?
1. My camera, I just bought a Sony a7R II that I’m excited to try out. 2. A book. Right now, I’m reading about the history of Greek mythology. 3. My iPad, stocked with some good Modern Family or ’50s classic film on it. I like to watch things on the plane that don’t require extensive thinking. 4. My laptop. For when I like to think. 5. Right now, a Rubik’s cube. It’s good for channelling thought into something other than media for a change. I feel like a 15-year-old boy, but that’s okay.


What are some of your go-to labels?
I’m a big fan of Dion Lee’s work. His pieces have this subtle architectural element that I love. Rosie Assoulin and Ellery are great for statement pieces with lots of volume and character. Delpozo and Avila Gazinskaya carry pieces with just the right amount of class and quirk.


The one thing in your wardrobe you will never get rid of?
My first pair of designer shoes – Jimmy Choo Anouks. It meant a lot to me to finally be able to own a pair and they will stay with me forever.

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