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Go (Almost) Hands-Free With These Phone Case and Card Holder Hybrids

Are you that girl who's always holding up the queue rummaging through your bag for your wallet? Or the one leaving your belongings behind? This one's for you.

I have on countless occasions declared my love for mini-bags. I know, I know, they don’t hold much – if anything at all. But that’s never stopped me from adding them to my cart every season. Mini bags always have the crowd split. As cute as they come, they don’t do very much especially if you’re one who carries around your kitchen sink and then some.

I find myself on the other end of the room. I’m that girl who uses a cardholder for a wallet on the day to day. Let me explain. On an average day, I’m moving from one meeting to another, from location to location for shoots, or running around town before picking up Sir Luca from school. The working mom life demands all hands on deck.

This is also the part where I confess my tendency to leave things behind. My wallet, cardholder, cash, face mask, lip balm – I unintentionally tend to leave a trail of personal belongings. To save me the hassle of tracing my own path in search of a forgotten something, I’d much rather not have much on me to begin with. You know what they say. Prevention is better than cure.

A few credit cards and my phone – I’m good to go. In an ideal world, I’d have no qualms about going cardless just as I have cashless (for the most part). But I’d give that a year or two more to go. Till then, my latest discovery, iPhone covers with card sleeves will suffice. In the past, the iPhone cases that contained extra slots for cards were the ones with an extra flap that swung open – the kind you’ve probably seen on your mom or an uncle. The bulk was not it for me.

When I stumbled upon these two-in-one card and iPhone cases, I was sold. Say no more. If there was one thing I always had on hand, it was my phone and by default, everything with it. This way, I’d never have to worry another day about losing my stuff. These covers come in particularly handy on errand days or when mommy is on duty. If you have a nine to five job, these are also great for when you’re popping out of the office for a quick lunch.

Don’t be alarmed, I’m not swearing off bags or suggesting that you should. Far from it. Even if you have separation anxiety from your dear bag, having your essential cards at the back of your phone will save you all the rummaging through your belongings when you’re at the counter. And, need I mention, the dirty looks.

The only caveat – don’t lose your phone. Otherwise, you’d be stranded penniless and without a way to call for SOS.

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