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iPhone X: Should You or Shouldn’t You, For That Is The Question

Let's cut the chase and get straight to the good, juicy stuff.

Every time a new iPhone pops up on the market, we spiral into a little session over lunch just talking about it, ranging from five minutes to possibly an hour. (This is from real life experience.) It may be a phone, but it gets people talking. Needless to say, us faithful millennials love a good tech drop and there is no tech drop quite like a new iPhone. Over the last weeks, we landed our hands on not one, but two of these new babies: the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Everyone we know is currently on two fences – to get one or the other, or to even get any of them at all. If you’re on either of the pickets, we’ve done the legwork for you.

If you’re comparing the two from the outside, it’s really quite hard to tell which one is inherently better. Despite the huge difference in price point, we’ve come to the conclusion that the iPhone X takes the cake – and it’s not just because it’s the “newest”. Or because of it’s super kewl name.

For starters, it’s super sleek. We’re just drooling over how futuristic it looks and feels. But, a word of warning: don’t drop it, because the back is made of glass. Even though it’s smaller than an iPhone 8 Plus in overall size, the screen width remains the same, but feels surprisingly bigger because of the added 0.3-inch height on top and below. With, it displays information more clearly than the more compact, iPhone 8, which then brings us to the resolution.

The iPhones that came before relied on LED screens, but its successors use OLED screens. In layman terms, that just means a super retina – and yes, we can confirm that it’s even clearer than our contact lenses and for a phone in our pictures-or-it-didn’t-happen age, that’s half the battle won. (I shot Exhibit’s campaigns on the iPhone 8 and it was so much fun to work with because it was just so clear. SO CLEAR.)

The thing we really noticed is the battery life and for many people, especially if you work in a job that requires you to be on Instagram or social media a lot, it is a deal breaker. The iPhone X holds two times more battery power – TWO TIMES – than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. That means it won’t matter as much anymore if you forgot to bring out your bulky portable charger. The wireless charging and a ridiculously clear front camera are really just icing and cherry on top of an ice cream on a hot day: satisfying.

Here’s one more intriguing thing we noticed: the iPhone 8 tends to overheat, which doesn’t happen at all with the iPhone X. It also performs way better in low-light settings and you get to pay for things using your face. Welcome to the future. Still not convinced? The TrueDepth camera managed to detect our faces in the dark and even when we had hats and sheet masks on. (Yes, sometimes a girl needs her entertainment as she waits for her mask to do its magic.). It’s so convenient that we conveniently forgot that the Touch ID exists.

There you have it. Don’t sit on that fence for too long now.

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